WowGo 3X Driven Belt Electric Longboard Review

Is the New WowGo 3X Electric Longboard a Better Driven-Belt Option in 2022?

The new WowGo 3X is the third generation and latest built-in electric longboard line.

Launched in September 2019, the 3X model has distinctive improvements compared to the standard WowGo 3 version and is more noticeable against the WowGo 2S series.

Undoubtedly, the new technology implemented in this model will impress most skaters. Nevertheless, we should dig into this review to consider whether it’s worth paying the extra dollars.

Quick Look at the WowGo 3X Specs

MOTOR- Read dual belt.
- 600 watts each.
- Claimed: 24 mph (39 km/h).
DECK- Flexible Bamboo plus fiber glass.
- L: 96.5 cm (38"); W: 22.5cm (9").
BATTERY- Samsung.
- 260Wh.
- Claimed: 14 miles (25 km).
CLIMBING ABILITY- 30% inclination.
WHEELS- 90 mm diameter.
- 62 mm width.
- 78A composition.
- Bearings: Zealous.
BRAKES- Regenerative braking.
CARRYING WEIGHT- 130 kg (264 lb).OVERALL WEIGHT- With dual motor: 17 lb (8 kg).
RIDING MODES- OLED remote control.
- Four (4).
- See details in the control section.
CHARGING TIME- 3 hrs (from flat).

The Deck and the Design

I know WowGo loves good-quality decks, so this is not different from the other models.


WowGo 3X deck


Materials and flexibility

Like the Backfire G3, bamboo is the primary material used to build the deck. This material gives a lot of flexibility and durability in the long term.

Despite what bamboo offers in quality, it is always important to put extra support and protection against other elements.

In this case, fiberglass was used as the outer layer. This material won’t compromise the flexibility of the e-board; in fact, it will prevent the bamboo from cracking by maintaining the elasticity and keeping the water away.

The grip tape was made with 60% fine sand to complete full support and durability. This will keep your feet on the board, but most importantly, it will let your feet slide easier along the deck.


Other WowGo grip tape models come with a coarse grain inclusion at the rear of the deck.


The carrying weight

As far as I’m aware, bamboo is one of the most robust materials and can hold a lot of weight before cracking.

Including fiberglass, the carrying weight would be approximately 130 kg (280 lbs).

I don’t think you would be getting to that threshold, but if you are planning to carry extra stuff, keep this number in mind.


The longboard design

Classified as a longboard, you would expect a wide surface deck design.

For this model, the length is 96.5 cm (38″) x 22.5 cm (9cm). There is enough room for a person with a decent foot size.

Now, the deck has a minimal concave shape and a slight positive bend to ensure your feet don’t lose grip while skating.


The bend is crucial to ensure the battery doesn’t touch the ground when flexing.


I personally like a deck with more bend, like the Boosted Board Stealth.

Lastly, there is not much to say from the front and rear ends of the deck, aside from being well carved to avoid touching the wheels when turning.


About the PU Wheels and Alternative

It comes with classy longboard wheels, ready to give support and stability for high speed.

On the other hand, the front and rear trucks are as good as any other ones used for hardcore skating.


PU 90 mm Longboard Wheels


Standard PU wheels 

Made of polyurethane (PU), the wheels are 90 mm in diameter and 62 mm in width.

These are usually the standard dimensions for longboard wheels; however, I like the generous wide contact patch.


In other words, it will give confidence when skating at top speed.


Durometer, Core, and Contact Patch

These WowGo PU wheels are 78A grade. As per our wheels guide, this grade is within the longboard hardness range, so expect an excellent grip.

In terms of the core location, it seems they are not centered (towards the middle), which creates a negative camber.


This configuration is excellent for drifting or when taking corners at high speed.


Of course, this negative camber is not similar to what you would see in race cars, but you could experience additional wearing in the inner portion of the wheels.

Lastly, the contact patch of the wheels is entirely flat, improving the board’s general grip.


All-terrain wheels (alternative)

If you want a different adventure when skating, this electric longboard can be fitted with bigger-diameter wheels.

To do that, you will have to buy the Cloudwheel series, which comes in two (2) options: 105 and 120 mm.

I know it is an extra cost, but at least you receive all the elements (belts, adapters, bearings, etc. – no motors, though) required for the transition.


Bear in mind that these AT wheels are not for drifting, but they will perform better in the rain.


Belt-Driven Electric Skateboard – Motors

This belt-driven electric skateboard is now fitted with two (2) improved motors.

This system will now deliver 600w of power per motor, which makes it much better when accelerating or braking.


Speed and torque

With the power offered by each unit, the torque is a different story.

Don’t worry; you won’t be experiencing a super take-off moment as the motherboard (Hobbywing V2) of the X3 has been improved for more controlled power output.


Don’t expect a lot of torque if you overload the motors.


The 1200w of power will get you around 24 mph (39 km/h). This may not be the fastest e-longboard, but surely you will feel the adrenaline when reaching the top speed.


The top speed is just an estimate of what the manufacturer has tested over ideal conditions. Typically, you should take out 10% of the claimed speed to have a more realistic number.

I was expecting more from 1200w of power. This is not even close to what Meepo V3 delivers, even with rear hub motors.


Braking performance

It has been told that due to the belt configuration, its braking performance is much better compared to the predecessor model.

Actually, it is not uncommon to experience more powerful brakes with belt motors, but I know that the carrying weight and wheel hardness can affect the performance.


Softer and wider wheels will have more grip and a bigger contact surface.


The motors are generally powerful enough to reach a complete stop in less than 5 meters (if using the turbo mode).


WowGo 3X Battery

In order to power the 600w driven belt motors, an improved battery was required. For this reason, Samsung technology was implemented for the 3X.


Reachable distance

Looking at the stats, the range (around 14 miles, which is 22 km) is not that bad compared to other well-known electric longboards with similar or better specs, such as the Boosted Stealth.


To be safe, consider the max range of around 11 miles since other factors will affect the performance.


Pack chemistry

In terms of the chemistry, Samsung (30Q) added two (2) more Li-Ion slots per pack; therefore, you will have more voltage (43.2V total output) in 12s and 2 packs.


Of course, this doesn’t say much, but the addition makes a difference when you think about power output.


3X Remote Control

The 3X remote control was also improved to handle the new motors and the Samsung battery.

Compared to the previous remote version, this one is a bit bigger (because it now has a little LED screen to read stats), and the outer shell has a better grip for your hand.


Speed modes

3X OLED remote controlThe control will offer four (4) speed modes:

– Slow (20km/h).

– Normal (30 km/h).

– Fast (39 km/h).

– Turbo (39 km/h).

The “fast” and “turbo” modes are not different, so what’s the point? The difference lands on the power delivered at acceleration.

There have been some words about the torque being negatively affected when selecting the turbo mode, which is a bummer.

Regardless of that, the torque on the WowGo 3X is still good.


What is there in metrics and settings?

With more technology implemented, new things needed to be monitored.

The remote control will give the usual metrics: speed, battery life (the control and the board), assistance selected, and odometer.

It is not as fancy as the one used for the MR or M4 remote control by Meepo, but it still shows you other valuable stats.


I’m unsure if you can still adjust the settings in the remove when using the AT wheels. Remember, they have a bigger diameter, which will affect the readings.

Lastly, handling all the features with one button is interesting, but accessibility is a bummer.


Portability and Weight

As with any other longboard, the portability is not always the best, especially if it’s electric.

One of the main factors affecting portability is weight. The WowGo 3X weight is around 8 kg (~17lbs).


It is not the lightest one but not the heaviest too.


In general, you will have to carry it the old way, and it may be a bit bothersome on public transport, so make sure the battery is still alive.


WowGo 3X vs. Boosted Stealth

The Boosted Board Stealth electric longboard has been in the market for quite some time, and of course, it is a strong competitor for the 3X model.

To see things clearly, these are some of the main differences between these two (2) belt-driven models:

Boosted Stealth (read review)
 WowGo 3X
*Motor / Speed 1050w each – 39 km/h (24 mph) 600w each – 39 km/h (24mph)
Battery Range 22 km 22 km
Wheels 85 mm 90 mm
Carrying Weight 120 kg 130 kg
Riding Modes 5 4
Deck Specs Poplar wood + fiberglass

96.5 x 28 cm (38×11″)

Bamboo plus fiberglass

96.5 x 22 cm (38×9″)

Slope degree 30 % 30 %
Overall Weight 7.7 kg 8 kg
*Charging time 1.45 hrs 3 hrs
*Price $$$ $$

Overall, there are no massive differences between the two (2) electric longboards.

I’m impressed that the Stealth has a more robust set of motors but still does the same as the 3X.

My best bet is that the battery output and technology embedded in the 3X are better; at least, it is newer tech.

With this information, I would be inclined to get the WowGo model just for the sake of my wallet.


Should you Buy It?

After discussing every vital part of this electric longboard, I feel that the improvements implemented give a bit more of a challenge to any direct competitor.

Compared with the Go 3 model, there is not much difference. However, these are the main ones:

– It is noticeable the torque delivered by the driven belt motors will indeed have better acceleration.

– The deck is less flexible, which from a longboard perspective, would be ideal (at least other skaters and I will appreciate it).

– Lastly, the price. It is only 150 dollars more. If you are more into acceleration, go for the 3X; if that is not a deal breaker, stay with the 3 versions.

Overall, this review has shown that the WowGo 3X electric longboard does not disappoint and surely will be a headache for some other manufacturers.

Images courtesy of WowGo

What else could be said about this under 1000-dollar electric longboard?

WowGo 3X


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels Quality


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Great acceleration and braking performance.
  • ✅ Improved remote control with additional stats.
  • ✅ Good price tag compared against other manufacturer models.

What we do not like

  • The range is still the same even though the battery has additional cells.


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