WowGo 2S Electric Longboard Review

The WowGo 2S is the classic e-longboard that will make your commuting experience more enjoyable.

In the budget eboards market, WowGo comes as an alternative to the most renowned brands. The company, launched only in 2017, can now brag about some of the best electric longboards, including the acclaimed WowGo 2S.

Capable of withstanding heavy loads up to 280lbs (~150 kg) and impressing with a 38-inch long board, this e-longboard appeals to long-haul commuters, frequent riders, and weekend enthusiasts.

Do you want to know if it’s really worth your money? Please read our review to find it out what there is to offer.

2S electric longboard technical details.

MOTOR- Read dual Chinese hub.
- 250w each.
- 23 mph (38 km/h - at power mode).
DECK- Semi-rigid bamboo and maple wood composition.
- Carrying handle.
- L: 96.5cm; W: 23cm (38" x 9).
- Rear thick grip tape.
BATTERY- There is three (3) battery options to get with the S2. See detail in the battery section.CLIMBING ABILITY- 30% inclination maximum. This will be variable depending on the carrying weight.
WHEELS- 90mm diameter.
- 52 mm width.
- 82A hardness.
- Black color (you can change to orange for the rear wheels).
BRAKES- Regenerative braking.
- Good braking performance on flat topography.
CARRYING WEIGHT- 120 kg max recommended. OVERALL WEIGHT- 16 lb (7.6 kg) with a Samsung battery.
- 7.6 lb (8 kg) with a Sanyo battery.
RIDING MODES- Three (3).
See details in the controller section.
CHARGING TIME- 3 hrs (from flat).

About the Deck and the Design

The first thing that stands out about the WowGo 2S electric longboard is the heavy-duty construction of the deck and its flawless design.


The deck comprises two (2) bamboo layers and 6-ply maple wood.


Similar to what the Boosted Board Stealth electric longboard offers, it has a flat deck design with a slight positive curve. This is the main reason this e-longboard can carry 150 kg (not recommended to get closer to this number, though).


Bamboo and Maple wood positive curve deck design by WowGo

Bamboo is a strong and flexible material, so you can still enjoy smooth rides despite the flat design.


Even though the design will allow you to carry a decent weight, I believe this will decrease your stability since you will bounce more.

Weighing only 16.75lbs (7.55 kg), the electric longboard is also lightweight, considering its size. No doubt, a true pleasure to ride.

Lastly, even though I’m not too fond of thick grip tapes, WOWGO Boards did an excellent job by only adding a thick layer at the rear end of the board.


WowGo 2S 90 mm Wheels and Structure

Diameter and Width

Along with a quality deck, the 2S e-board impresses with quality wheels. We’re looking at 90mm in diameter and 52 mm in width wheels, which tend to become the norm for most electric longboards.

Regarding durability, the fitted wheels are 82A, which is classified as medium-soft. Expect to have a balanced grip and softness on rough roads.



This e-board comes with either swappable or non-swappable polyurethane sleeves on the hub wheels. It comes down to preference, but we found the swappable sleeves to be more trouble than they were worth.

Swappable sleeves aside, the wheels deliver smooth rolling over most bumps so that you can ride the skateboard on most kinds of terrains without worries.


Bearings, core location, and edges

As you can expect, the Zealous steel bearings have been created to provide the best quality. These bearings have rubber protection to prevent water and other particles from affecting the inner structure.

The front wheels were designed to have a central core, which will help to distribute the front weight more evenly.

Regarding the edges, the front set has a beveled form, and the rear group has a square shape.


500w Dual Hub Chinese Motor

Perhaps the earlier discussion about swappable sleeves on the hub wheels made it clear that we’re talking about a hub motor.

Like most hub skateboards, this WowGo board comes with a dual motor equipping the rear wheels with a power of 250 watts each.


Battery location, dual motor and carrying handle Wowgo board

These are generic hub motors with no particular brand, but they work well and are reliable.


Using generic Chinese hubs, WowGo made it easy for users to replace the wheels whenever needed and at costs that won’t break the bank.

Despite the rather low power, this e-longboard still offers three (3) speed modes with up to 23 mph (37 km/h) top speed. 

You can’t expect to reach that top speed unless you’re a lightweight rider, but the skateboard still packs a punch.

Last but not least, it is claimed to climb up to 30% inclination, but I’m not convinced considering the motor power.



The climbing ability of the board is subjective so it might work better than other riders.


About the Battery Options

When it comes to the WowGo 2S battery, you have quite a few options. Three (3) options, to be more precise.

All batteries are branded, and depending on your choice, the range – as well as the purchase price – changes.

In detail, you can choose from the following:

– 0Ah Samsung battery – 12 miles (19 km) range.

– 4Ah Panasonic battery – 14 miles range (21 km).

– 5Ah Sanyo battery -18.5 miles (30 km) range.


The above-claimed ranges are set for riders with an average weight.


Heavier riders will look at even shorter ranges. However, we appreciate that the range is not overly-exaggerated either.

Regardless of the battery, you can expect a quick charging time of around 2-3 hours.


Braking Performance

The braking is as smooth as it gets on flat terrains, thanks to the Hobbywing ESC. However, coming to a complete brake might be tricky when going down.

While experienced riders might not have an issue with this, the thing could be a challenge for newbies. It takes a bit of handling experience to ride this longboard safely, though.



Always consider the total weight and the distance required to get to a complete stop.


The Remote Control Options

There is a couple of options to choose from: the Standard 2.4Ghz and the OLED screen mini.


Smart OLED Screen 2.4Ghz remote control


The standard Hobbywing remote control is seen on many Chinese-made e-skateboards. Since it’s been tried and used by so many brands, we can safely say it’s a great piece of gear.

On the other hand, the intelligent OLED mini will give you more information than the standard one. This could be useful for some riders, but you don’t want to look at the screen the whole time.

Controls are intuitive but not easy to use the first time. Aside from this, the device fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand.


You could struggle but still, be good enough if you are a big guy.


As regards the riding modes, the WowGo 2S has three (3) levels to offer:

– Slow: you will get approx. 20 km/h maximum.

– Normal: the delivered speed would be ~ 30 km/h.

– Fast: this would be the fastest speed this e-board will give (~ 38 km/h).



These speeds are based on average overall weight, terrain inclination, road conditions, and, most likely, battery power (Ah).


While it has no bells and whistles, it doesn’t have any significant drawbacks, either. Perhaps it won’t wow you, but it’s reliable.


Review Summary

This electric longboard is one of those toys that will make you feel you are under control.

It won’t offer exhilarating rides, but it wasn’t built for the purpose either. You can expect good performance on flat terrains with satisfactory speed and torque.

I like the alternative of choosing three (3) battery options. See what best suit your needs and attach the right one.

I think the wheels are good enough to provide a safe ride while taking corners.

Seasoned riders might love or hate the WowGo 2S, but the model is undoubtedly an excellent choice for newcomers looking for a solid yet affordable option.

Images Courtesy of Wow Boards

What is your input on the 2S e-longboard?

WowGo 2S


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels Quality


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Safe and comfortable speed control, even for the newbies.
  • ✅ Well-rounded riding experience on most terrains, and up to 30% inclination.
  • ✅ Outstanding value for money on its range.

What we do not like

  • Even though the deck was made with strong materials, it still bouces a lot.
  • The trucks are too small considering the speed the e-longboard can reach.
  • The remote control is too small for people with big hands.


Hi! I'm Jono from eBoards Advisor. What can I say? I'm a 25 year old school skater that loves the sport. Now with a motor and a battery to power it, this industry has just gone to a next level of entertainment! That is why I'm here; to give you some advise and tips from my point of view and have some fun while trying it.

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