Off Road Electric Skateboard Reviews

All Terrain and Off road Electric Skateboards are Becoming Very Popular in 2021. But Which One to Look At? 

For most of us, an electric skateboard may not be enough in terms of balance and speed. For this reason, an electric longboard is most likely the alternative to go.


What if just skating on pavement is not enough too? That is where an all terrain and off road electric skateboard configuration will get you anywhere.

Be aware that not all e-board manufacturers have the off road alternative. Read the reviews bellow to find out which one best suits to your liking.

Backfire Ranger X2 eSkateboard Review EBsA all terrain

Backfire Ranger X2 Review: Best Casual All-Terrain eSkateboard

Is the Backfire Range X2 Really a Good All Terrain Electric Longboard?  The Backfire Ranger X2 feels like one of the best all-terrain options on the market today. Why? It features a solid base with more than enough power to make life easier for beginners and allow skaters to have some fun. Before jumping into the review, this is a summary ...
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Metroboard X All Terrain Electric Longboard Review

Metroboard X Review All Terrain Electric Longboard

The Metroboard X has been in the game for some time but is it worth investing on this all terrain badass beauty? The Metroboard X lands on the electric longboard category with all terrain features. Built and designed by Metroboard, it was first launch in 2004 with a lot of expectation. They knew that most users were attracted by its ...
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WowGo 3X Driven Belt Electric Skateboard Review

WowGo 3X Driven Belt Electric Longboard Review

Is the New WowGo 3X Electric Longboard a Better Driven Belt Option in 2020? The new WowGo 3X is yet the third generation and latest built in the electric longboard line. Launched in September 2019, the 3X model has very distinctive improvements compared to the standard WowGo 3 version and more noticeable, against the WowGo 2S series. Surely, the new ...
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Evolve Carbon GTR off road electric skateboard - all terrain review 2020

Evolve Carbon GTR Off Road (All Terrain) Electric Skateboard Review

How the Evolve Carbon GTR Off Road Electric Skateboard (All Terrain) can fulfill your adventures? Avid skateboarders and commuters looking for the best electric off road longboard around should consider the Evolve Carbon GTR. Summary of the Evolve Carbon GTR Specs This e-board really knows how to thrill masses. It impresses with robust construction and unrivaled performance. Within the GTR ...
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