Metroboard X Review All Terrain Electric Longboard

The Metroboard X has been in the game for some time but is it worth investing on this all terrain badass beauty?

The Metroboard X lands on the electric longboard category with all terrain features.

Built and designed by Metroboard, it was first launch in 2004 with a lot of expectation. They knew that most users were attracted by its look but there were other reasons.

As Ilan Sabar – owner of Metroboard – says: “our goal with the product is to make it look good, perform amazingly, using top quality components“.

Over the years, the US company had to improve some of its components and now is one of the trending high-end e-boards in the market.

Compared to models landing with similar characteristics, such as the Evolve Carbon GTR Off Road, I believe the X model has way better things to offer.

Unfortunately, none of them is the price involved. Nevertheless, the best way to find out is by reviewing every important element this all terrain electric longboard has to offer.

Metroboard X All Terrain eboard Summary Specs

MOTOR– Read dual belt-driven.
– Brushless 2200 watts each.
– Max speed claimed: check motor section for details.
DECK– Carbon fiber.
– L: 119cm (47″); W: 25.4cm (10″).- Boxed design.

  • 20 – 30 miles (32 – 48 km), depending on wheels size.
  • 16Ah.
  • 36V.

Li_Ion chemistry.

CLIMBING ABILITY– 30% inclination.

  • 107 – 120 mm diameter.
  • 67 mm width.
  • 74A composition.


  • 190 mm diameter.
  • 50 mm width.
  • 36 PSI max.

Trucks: check wheels section for details.

CHARGING TIME– 3.5 hrs (from flat).
CARRYING WEIGHT– 135 kg (300 lb).OVERALL WEIGHT– With dual motor: 29 lb (13 kg) max.
RIDING MODES– Variable depending on power configuration.EXTERNAL ACCESSORIES– All features included.

Metroboard Deck Overview

At first glance, the 119 cm long by 24.5 cm wide is just astonishing – very smooth edges with a well carved shape.

What is more attractive about the deck is the integration of the battery and the mother board.

Metro board X with all terrain wheels top view

I would say almost 90% of the electric skateboards will have both elements visible and exposed.

Aside from that, I like the generous space between each ends of the board and the wheels. This is, of course, important since bigger diameter wheel need to fit too.

I love they thought about people with long feet. You will see that most e-skater users experience having their feet out of the deck but this is not the case here.

Bringing up Ilan’s goal about the look. For me, it is beautiful. My first impression was the F1 type view when fitting the street wheels, whereas with the AT wheels, look like a rally dakar one.

Shape and Flexibility

Despite of building it with high quality carbon fiber material, this deck won’t flex much.

The main reason for it is to keep the integrity of the battery and other electronics.

In regards to the shape, it looks very flat but when looking a bit closer, the middle of the deck has a deep concave structure.

This concave design is great to maintain your feet inside the board, specially if you are skating at high speed.

In addition to the above, one of the things I see interesting is both ends of the deck. They are higher than the middle section, creating a boxing effect.

Honestly, the feeling is that I would know my feet will never go any further close to the wheels.

The only thing I find worrying is the potential of water sneaking inside the joint. I know there is a rubber seal to prevent this to happen but overtime could worn out.

It is a good practice to clean up  / dry up the deck after riding it in the rain. 

Carrying Weight

In terms of how much weight the Metroboard X can carry, you could expect a maximum load of 130 kg.

Compared to other competitor eboards, this extra 10 kg capacity (common average is 120 kg) is awesome since it will be the less things to worry about.

Wheel Alternatives and Trucks

With a powerful electric skateboard, it is important to fit good quality wheels regardless of the terrain.

The wheels

Carved with the best formula, this eboard could be fitted with two (2) different street wheels:

  • Urethane 107 mm diameter (as a standard) or,
  • 120 mm diameter (sold separately).

The 120 mm ones are labeled as all terrain (AT). Frankly, aside from its carving, I believe these are more for street use.

They could also be used on unpaved ground (gravelly) but I won’t feel too confident about it.

On the all terrain side, the US company also has a double ace. In this case, you can fit a 155 mm or a 190 mm diameter rubber wheels.

Compared to the Evolve GTR model, Metroboard offers a bigger diameter. It may be a minimum difference but could potentially tackle rougher off-road terrains.

Street and AT performance

It is no a secret that the diameter of the wheels will affect directly the torque and top speed of an eboard, which translates into the performance.

Cloudwheel 120mm street wheels

Clearly, 107 mm diameter won’t perform as good as the average 85 mm wheels found in most electric skateboards. For this reason, the high power of the motor here plays an important role.

For what I can see, the 74A durometer grade is actually great for concrete and asphalt terrains. Surely, the grip will impress you.

If I’m correct, I think this is the softest grade I’ve seen so far on any eboards I’ve reviewed.

On the downside, they will get worn out faster than usual.

The Metroboard X trucks

Taking it to a new level, the machined crafted aluminum trucks will have a double bushing system. This is something that these guys came up in order to provide that extra control at speed.

93 durometer grade is good enough to handle 86 kg without issues.

The crux part is to properly balance the stiffness on each bushing. I recommend you double check how soft the bushings are when loading the board, then adjust as required.

Notice that the bushings grade for the front truck is slightly lower than the rear ones. Naturally, the weight is higher at the rear end.

When changing the bushings, check what truck belongs to.

Lastly, a great feature included in the rear truck is the double tension spring system.

These guys are all over it. It is know that one of the biggest headaches when changing wheels is putting the belt tension back to the right point.

This eliminates the need of “guessing” if the belts were properly placed.

It may add a bit to the overall weight (very minimal) but for an electric longboard that features the wheel swap, you will be thankful.

Metro board X Dual Belt Motors

I believe the Metro board X is within the top five (5) fastest electric skateboard in the market.

On that note, each belt-driven motor is capable of delivering 2200 watts of power, even when the battery is near 10%.

Before I go with the next points, I want you to notice the motor design. Seriously, I love it.

Brushless belt driven 2200w X motors

Most electric skateboards and lonboard have the motor just underneath the deck.

Come one, if I’m skating at a descent high speed, the less thing I would want to worry is to avoid hitting the motors with gravels or tree branches.

The Metro X configuration is great – above the deck, easy accessible and far from the ground.

Also, this design allows to have a lower deck, which enhances stability and control.

Metroboard X Torque and Speed

Now, the speed (on ideal conditions) would be variable depending on the wheels fitted:

  • Street set: 26 mph (42 km/h).
  • AT set: 23 mph (37 km/h).

The speed will be also variable depending on the setup of the system. Aside from that, with this speed range, it make sense the soft composition of the wheels. The more grip the better (in most cases).

In terms of the torque, the story says that with the street wheels, this eboard will take off easier.

It is true.

Setting a mark of 23 mph (which is top speed for the AT set), the motors are able to get it in 8 seconds.

As for the street set, the motors are able to reach the same speed in 4.5 seconds.

This is if using the factory configuration.

Braking capability and climbing performance

Similar on how good the torque is, you will have the same effect when braking, however it is not possible to quantify the efficiency because there are many factors affecting it.

Despite of the above, I’m sure the responsiveness of the system won’t disappoint.

As for the climbing performance, the motor does great. So far, 25% incline is the max possible without compromising a steady speed. Again, other factors can alter these numbers.

Metroboard X Battery

With a great motor, a reliable battery needs to be provided. For this, LG technology was the right choice for constant performance.

Metro board X Range

The range will be affected directly by the type of wheels you use.

Using the street wheel set, you could get approx 48 km (30 miles) range, whereas with the AT set, the range can get approx 32 km (20 miles).

Battery percentage charge LCD screen

This is basically as result of the increased weight of the board plus the fact that the motor will require more energy when going off-road (not just gravel).

Chemistry and charging time

For an eboard that has so much power, I wouldn’t expect less than a lithium battery chemistry type.

Despite of this, I’m actually surprised that it is 36V but the 16Ah is what make it perfect to hold the motor power steady even when the battery is low.

As for the charging time, it is actually not bad – 3.5 hrs from flat to fully charged. This is more than good if you have a descent pit stop.

The added features

As you know, the only way for you to see what the eboard’s battery level is by checking the remote control.

For the Metroboard X is not only the case. You can also monitor how much juice is left just by looking at the LCD screen installed on the rear truck.

Of course, try not to look at it when skating.

Controlling this eboard

With a good looking electric longboard, you would be expecting a state of the art controlling device.

The story is different for these guys. They figured that a minimalist construction would suffice your needs.

X remote control

Of course, there are other things than need to be adjusted as you swap wheels so your smartphone is the go.

Size Pocket Remote Control and App

The remote control has a very simple design and intuitive use. In addition, it fits easily in any pocket so you can carry it along with other elements.

Why to have more? I know there are divided opinions when looking at the controls of an electric skateboard.

I guess, it will depend on how much technology is involved.

I’m surprised, actually, that Metroboard decided to go for a minimalist remote control.

Not much to say though; simply that you can monitor the battery level (LED indicators), connectivity of the system and turning on and off both, the board and the beautiful light configuration.

The App – VESC Tool

If you ended up requiring to adjust any of the pre-set features, you will need to get the VESC Tool app.

I’m not going to tell the whole story about the app, but I want to give you a glinch about the dos and don’ts.

The default configuration would be set as 60 mph both forward and reverse. As for the acceleration and braking, this would be 75% ratio.

You can adjust any of this setting, however it is recommended you keep the factory settings until you feel confident handling this beast.

As for the other profiles, medium to high power, will be consider if you set the motor torque at 83%, whereas 100%, will be the maximum power.

See that the brake performance remains the same. Nevertheless, you can change it as you please.

The most important part about changing settings is to make sure the wheels size is right and not exceeding any of the battery limits.

Lastly, if you want to keep the warranty intact, touch base with Metroboard for additional advise as in changing the settings.

Portability and Overall Weight

Maybe the biggest downside of the Metroboard X is the overall weight at 29 lb (13 kg).

What else could you being expecting? Even though, they tried to used lightweight components when building this baby, there is a lot of elements involved.

This is where portability gets affected.

To solve the portability issue, this guys decided to install a sturdy carry handle near the motors; very easy and clever idea.

The only thing some users have indicated is that the handle gets loosen overtime, touching the motor covers and scratching them up a bit.

Of course, this is nothing really.


When carrying the board, make sure you turn the system off. This is to avoid any unnecessary accidents if the wheels start to spin.

Metroboard X vs Evolve Carbon GTR

Maybe, not the electric lonboard that I should be comparing with but since the Evolve Carbon GTR is one of the most appealing ones, I think it is worth checking their general specs:

Metro Board X
 Evolve GTR Carbon (read review)
Motor / Speed2200w each – 42 km/h (26 mph)1300w each – 35 km/h (22 mph)
Battery Range32 km (min)30 km (max)
Wheels107 mm (min) – 190 mm(max)178 mm (AT).
Carrying Weight135 kg100 kg
Riding ModesDepends on power settings, so plenty.4
Deck Specs
  • Carbon fiber
  • 119cm x 25.4 (47″ x 10).
  • Carbon fiber.
  • 101 x 21 cm (39×8″)
Slope degree30 %
Overall Weight13 kg10.7 kg
Charging time3.5 hrs4.5 hrs
Price$2000-2500$1000 – 1500
  • Front & rear lights (super bright)
  • Carrying handle.
Nothing included. you will have to buy separately.

Clearly the X model has better stats (as far as main components) than the Evolve model.

The only deal breaker would be the price. It could easily another $1000 more to invest but rest assure this is on quality.

At the end, you can choose what works best for your pocket and overall usability.

Metroboard X All Terrain Electric Skateboard Review: Should you Buy it?

The X model by Metroboard has a serious gorgeous shape that projects a badass impression. It is one of those electric longboards that skaters would love to try.

The deck is one of my favorite elements. This is because it has been designed with the user in mind – boxed definition, soft contours, sturdy structure.

The motor adds to the overall rating. Well situated at the back of the deck, it is powerful enough to carry up to 135 kg of weight.

Everything is about having the e-skater to have the best user experience.

This is reflected with the accessibility to the battery stats, power connection and motor maintenance. I guess having a mechanical engineering background helps a lot ;).

Additionally, the lights. Not many eboard have integrated a reasonable lighting system in order to keep the skater safe in dark conditions.

I won’t be surprised if you get to see cops skating with this beauty.

Lastly, let see how this e-board achieves the main goals:

  • Looks good? Oh yeah; as I said before, it has a F1 racing look and keeping a badass impression.
  • Amazing performance? with the stats in mind, the numbers don’t lie. Motors and battery are well configured to performs well with any setup you like.
  • Quality components? Yes. Aluminum elements, parts from reliable manufacturers, top engineered.

I cannot lie that the only peeving point is the price. Not all of us have the luxury to expend that much.

Aside form the impressive weight and the complicated mechanism involved, the Metroboard X all terrain electric longboard would be an interesting investment just for the joy of going on any terrain.

Images courtesy of Metroboard


Metroboard X All Terrain


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels Quality


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Good looking design, well carved, user friendly.
  • ✅ Motor, battery and wheels perform as expected for a high-end electric longboard.
  • ✅ All accessories included (lights, carry handle).

What we do not like

  • One of the heaviest e-lonboards in the market.
  • Speed settings can't be adjusted on the go. You will have to access the app.
  • Potential of water leaking (overtime) inside electrical components.


Hi! I'm Jono from eBoards Advisor. What can I say? I'm a 25 year old school skater that loves the sport. Now with a motor and a battery to power it, this industry has just gone to a next level of entertainment! That is why I'm here; to give you some advise and tips from my point of view and have some fun while trying it.

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