Meepo Mini 2 ER Electric Skateboard Review

Why the Meepo Mini 2 Could be Not the Best Cheap Electric Skateboard for a Beginner?

The Meepo Mini 2 is one of the smallest electric skateboards in the market so far.

I got to be honest, I think that, longboard decks such as the Metroboard X, have more benefits than traditional small ones.

Regardless of what I think, I’m impressed with what this e-board has to offer.

Is it the best budget short e-board for beginners? There are different opinions if a newbie can handle this little board.

Let’s see what exactly I’m taking about by reviewing some of its technical specs, benefits and limitations.

Meepo Mini 2 Summary Specs


  • Dual rear hub motor.
  • 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed.
  • 1080watts of power combined.
  • Four (4) available skating modes.
  • Meepo ESC 6.5 motherboard.
  • 30% inclination.

  • 20 miles (32 km) if using the extended range (ER); 11 miles (17 km) for standard battery.
  • 36v, 4.5Ah.
  • Two (2) hrs from empty to fully charged.

  • 90mm diameter, 60mm width, 78A durometer.
  • ABEC 9 bearings.
  • 245 mm long Shredder Trucks.

  • Seven (7) layers of Canadian Maple Wood.
  • L: 30″ (76.2 cm) x W: 9″ (22 cm).
  • 136 kg maximum acceptable load.

  • 8 kg for the complete system using the ER alternative.

  • Wheels tools and some sticker for your helmet. No accessories on this electric skateboard as such.


Meepo Mini 2 ER Deck Overview

The 76.2 cm long by 22 cm wide maple Canadian deck has a really clean finish.

Fastest cheap electric skateboard Meepo 2

What I like more about the deck is how simple it was designed. There is no complicated cuts or weird angles.

When comparing the Maxfind Max 2 – another cool small electric skateboard – it has relatively a shorter deck.

This fact may be a good thing in terms of the overall weight and portability but for people with long feet, it’s a bummer.


Its Shape and Flexibility

It is clear that the Meepo Mini 2 ER’s deck was not shaped for sharp turns as most likely the wheels will grasp it.

For this reason, the kick-tail was raised a little to help you control it as any standard skateboard.

Also note that the nose is not conventional to what you would see on skateboards – long nose and more raised kick-tails.

As mentioned before, the deck may not be the best friend of people with long feet but the delicate deep concave shape will keep them inside.

As for the flexibility side of things, the deck was not built to give a soft riding experience.

It is actually uncommon to build flexy decks for small e-skateboards as it is important to protect the battery and motherboard casing when loading the board.

So far, I don’t see much of a trouble skating this small deck as all has been placed for a fun ride.


Carrying Weight

One good thing about having a stiff deck is that it can carry more weight than flexy ones – common on longboard decks.

Based on Meepo, this little electric skateboard will carry approx 136 kg.

Of course, it may not be an issue for the deck as such, but if you can travel lighter, it will benefit the battery and motor performance.

Robust Wheels and Trucks

As you can see in the specs summary table at the start, the Meepo Mini 2 has enough power to reach an absurd top speed.

To keep you safe, they had to fit the right wheel composition and dimensions.


The wheels and bearings

When you buy this model, you will receive just one (1) set of 90 mm by 60 mm wheels.

From what I can see, you can still be able to fit a set of the 83 mm diameter.

I won’t recommend to fit anything over the standard ones as the distance between the base of the deck and the wheel contact patch will be reduce, which is not good when turning.

As for the grip and hardness offered by the 90 mm wheels, it is graded to 78A.

This is what you could be expecting on most high-end electric longboards.

Even though, the wheels will provide great grip, especially on warmer temperatures, they won’t last long.

The bearings also add to the high speed delivered by this e-board. Made of steel, the ABEC 9 will offer enough rolling performance.

For a boar that reaches high speed, ceramic bearings could’ve been a good option (better heat performance and rolling).

Unfortunately, the steel bearings will require frequent maintenance (grease them up) or replacement to keep the quality overtime.


The Shredder trucks

In the past, not many electric skateboard manufacturers thought about the quality of the trucks.

You may wonder why to worry about them when they look sturdy and well built?

Over the five (5) years I’ve been skating standard and now electric boards, I noticed they tend to crack overtime – mainly at the base plate.

Meepo decided to go for aluminum alloy, which is lighter and more versatile.

It comes with a 245 mm total width front Shredder truck ,which fits right with the 90 mm wheels.

If you feel that this e-board is not super balanced you should:

  • Tight the 100A durometer bushings to your desire point.
  • Get the 265 mm Shredder truck (the axle are the same length as the 245 mm ones so you should be fine).

If yo are a person that weights below 65 kg, it is recommended to loose them up a bit or replace them with a lower durometer grade.

The rear truck will be branded the same but it is shorter at 125 mm total width.

Note that the rear bushing durometer is 90A grade, which will absorb more small bumps.

Meepo Mini 2 Hub Motors

I gotta say that I’m not a lover of hub motors. This is mainly because of how much vibration is transmitted on rough terrains.

But after seeing what the motors can do, this fast electric skateboard could change my mind.


Meepo Mini 2 ER torque and speed

These dual hub motors where designed to deliver 540 watts of power each, which is more than the expensive Boosted Mini X has.

With this in mind, if speed (45 km/h – 28 mph) is the deal, I would invest in a cheap electric skateboard like the Mini 2.

So far, these set of hub motors are the second ones that have such high power within the best cheap electric skateboard range.

I have not much information about the torque though, but I’m confident that 1080 watts total power will climb easy most descent slopes.


Braking power and climbing performance

One thing that hub motors have is the ability to give power back to the battery.

Based on the manufacturer specifications, the motors will return 22% of power at any instance when braking.

On the long run, it is not much of what you will have but could be a life saving.

The climbing performance is not bad actually. Even though, there will be a few factors that can affect it, a 30% incline is descent enough for most riders.

If the incline is a thing for you, I suggest finding a smaller diameter wheels compatible with the included trucks.

Meepo Mini 2 Battery Options

To make it more appealing, Meepo offers two (2) type of battery options for any of their boards: standard and extended range (ER).

You should be aware that the remote and ESC will also be linked to the battery specs.

Battery and USB ports for Meepo boards

A nice touch Meepo included with the battery is the little LCD to show the percentage left. Also, a USB port to charge up any other device if required.


Meepo Mini 2 Range

When looking at the numbers, there is quite a difference between the two (2) alternatives.

The standard battery will give you approx 11 miles (17 km) whereas the extended range will last for approx 32 km (20 miles).

At this point, the selection of the battery for your Meepo Mini 2 will depend on how far you want to go.

Honestly, I think that the standard model has quite descent range, if compared to more expensive electric skateboards in the market.

Possibly a hack to increase the range (also the torque) is by fitting the 83 mm orange wheels.


Chemistry and charging time

To be able to power the 1080w motors, the battery was build out using Lithium.

Similar to the range, the chemistry and charging times are quite different between the two (2) battery options offered by Meepo.

The two (2) packs of battery array will have an output of 4Ah, 144 watts/hr (standard) or 8Ah, 288watts/hr for the extended model.

If you have the means to buy the ER, I would definitely consider this alternative – more power, more range.

Considering the difference between the two (2), I’m quite impressed on how fast the ER battery charges.

What ever option you take, allocate between two (2) to three (3) hrs to be ready for the next ride.

Two Remote Alternatives

As you should know, Meepo not only puts an effort when building electric skateboards, but also when designing the controllers.

In this occasion, the Mini 2 e-skateboard can be controlled using the M4 or the NR (A) models.


Difference between the two (2) controllers

As I have mentioned in my Meepo V3 electric longboard review, the M4 controller is more user friendly.

The following table shows the main differences between the compatible controllers:

NR (A) – for ER version
NR(A) remote control for extended range board
M4 – for standard version
Meepo V3 remote control M4 model
Speed Mode
  • Pro: 30 mph with more torque.
  • Expert: 28 mph.
  • Eco: 20 mph.
  • Beginner: 10 mph.
  • 1: 5 mph.
  • 2: 10 mph.
  • 3: 27 mph.
  • 4: same speed as Level 3 but with more torque.
  • Torch to illuminate the road if skating at night.
  • Smoother acceleration and braking.
  • Big LCD screen.
  • Easy access to the metrics.
  • Fits well in small hands.

Be aware that the NR (A) remote control will be included if you buy the extended range configuration.

As you can see, the M4 will give you more information regarding the condition of the board.

As for the other option, it is nice to have the torch but I would prefer to have a good screen that gives me instant access to the data.


The M4 Metrics

With the M4 you can also configure the braking power, traveled distance and, of course, the battery of the remote.

Portability and Overall Weight

What can I say from an electric skateboard that is one of the smallest in the market?

Its portability is not bad.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a handle hanging or embedded in the deck like the Raptor 2.1 e-skateboard or the Ownboard W2 e-longboard.

Even though the wheels width is great for maneuverability, at the same time, they are a bit bulky at some extend.

If you buy an electric skateboard it is because you want to skate, right? so carrying it should not be happening.

Although, if that happened to be the case, the 10kg overall weight of the whole thing may be an issue to carry after a while.


If you run out of battery, you can try to charge it up (a bit) if you are are lucky enough to go downhill for some time.


Meepo Mini V2 vs V3 vs WowGo Mini

All the text above will be not have value if I don’t other alternatives to choose from.

Based on the market movement and users liking, the WowGo Mini and Meepo V3 are the ones to look at.

Meepo V3 ER

WowGo Mini

Meepo Mini 2 ER

Dual hub

28 mph (45 km/h)


Four (4)

Hobbywing ESC (6.5)


Dual hub

24 mph (38 km/h)


Three (3)


 Dual hub

28 mph (45 km/h)


Four (4)

Meepo ESC 6.5


20 miles (32 km).


2.7 hr

9 miles (20 km)

36V, 2.5Ah

Lithium ion.

3 hr

20 miles (32 km)

36v, 4.5Ah

2.7 hr

 D: 90 mm

W: 60 mm


 D: 90 mm

W: 52 mm


 D: 90 mm

W: 60 mm


 Canadian Maple

38″ (99 cm)

150 kg (300lb)

 Maple wood

27″ (70 cm)

120 kg (264 lb)

 Canadian Maple

30″ (76.2 cm)

136 kg


8 kg

6.9 kg

7.2 kg


 None external

No included


Boards Differences

Just looking at the table, clearly the WowGo Mini has not much to compete against any of the two (2) Meepo boards.

Now the V3 and the Mini 2 specifications are basically the same.

With the V3 you will have a longboard style deck with a handle embedded and also more overall weight.


My opinion

Maybe not an obvious difference for most people but the stability and speed can be a deal breaker for the Mini 2 version.

The top speed of 45 km/h could be scary. The small deck may not provide the confidence most electric skaters would like.

This is where a longer deck could be perfect. In this case, larger trucks (265 mm) could give you the trust to reach the maximum speed and yet feel stable.

I know both boards have the same range but, it may not be the case if the V3 is heavier that the Mini one.

Meepo Mini 2 ER Electric Skateboard Review: Should you Invest in?

Meepo is a manufacturer known to provide electric skateboards that can be affordable and accessible for most skaters.

You can tell this by looking at their prices and compare against the competitors.

For the low price and the stats offered, it is not bad at all.

For beginner or experience skaters?

It is known that experience e-skaters are liking it so much since most of them look for good speed, torque and range.

This is what this e-board offers to users.

Surely you are expecting to know why I think this e-board could not be the right one for a beginner.

If you looked at the technical specs, the board top speed and power is insane.

Adding to the above, the faster you go, the more wobbly will be.

If you haven’t ever touch a skateboard, this may be a dangerous one to try the first time.

Luckily, there are four (4) skating levels for any rider to test.

This is where a beginner can start experiencing a very low speed (using mode 1 or beginner) and then progressively climb up to the next ones.

Please, also don’t forget to gear up with the right protective gear, just in case.


Benefits and limits

Wobbly? Not the case. It has one of the widest trucks for an electric shortboard. As the result, it feels very stable similar to a longboard configuration.

Price wise, it is great for what you get. On top of that, you will get some stickers and a wrist band to pimp yourself, the board or the helmet.

As for the downsides, it sounds like they are not actually landing on the board as such; it is on the manufacturer service side.

I know some other e-skaters mentioned problems with the connectivity of the ESC system but I think Meepo made some improvements.

It is a bit heavy, so if you want something that’s easy to carry, this might not be the one.

All in all, I believe the Meepo Mini 2 ER cheap electric skateboard can be a good investment for experience riders and for people with a low budget.

Images courtesy of Meepo


Meepo Mini 2 ER


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels (softenss & grip)


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Fast cheap electric skateboard
  • ✅ Battery range is impressive compared to other manufacturers.
  • ✅ Quality of components is good enough for the price.

What we do not like

  • It is not the right electric skateboard for a beginner.
  • The NR(A) remote control may not be as responsive (slight delay) as the M4 version.
  • Heavy for a small e-board.


Hi! I'm Jono from eBoards Advisor. What can I say? I'm a 25 year old school skater that loves the sport. Now with a motor and a battery to power it, this industry has just gone to a next level of entertainment! That is why I'm here; to give you some advise and tips from my point of view and have some fun while trying it.

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