Exway X1 Pro Electric Skateboard Review

The Exway X1 Pro electric skateboard can easily add fun to your daily commute.

This under $1000 electric skateboard can satisfy beginners and expert riders alike.


Exway X1 Pro electric skateboard under 1000


It packs exciting features, delivers excellent performance, and comes as a reliable yet affordable electric skateboard for the most expensive brands.

Are you wondering if it’s worth the buy? Read our Exway X1 Pro review to find it out.

Exway X1 Pro Specs

MOTOR- Read dual hub (belt option available).
- 600watt each.
- Claimed: 25 mph (40 km/h - at max power).
DECK- Shape: Concave.
- Composite: carbon fiber.
- Flex: very rigid.
- Length: 92.7 cm (36 ").
- Width: 20.8 cm (8").
BATTERY- 50 volt Li-Ion.
- 4A.
- 193 Wh capacity.
- Range: 25 km (eco mode).
- 16 km on turbo mode.
CLIMBING ABILITY- 30% inclination. Variable based on the overall weight.
WHEELS- 85 mm diameter.
- 56 mm width.
- 80A hardness.
- Centered core and square edges.
BRAKES- Regenerative braking.
- Acceptable braking performance.
CARRYING WEIGHT- 250 lb (120 kg) max recommended. OVERALL WEIGHT- 16 lbs (7.3 kg), with the standard hub motors.
RIDING MODES- Four (4). See remote control section for details.CHARGING TIME- 3 hrs (from flat) with standard charger.

The Deck Specs and Design

The X1 Pro is an agile e-skateboard designed with urban roads in mind.

It boasts linear, aggressive lines and impresses with a super-durable board made from carbon fiber.

The concave design of the board, with 10mm center depth and raised edges, provides a “locked-in” feel, which enhances the sense of security on the road.

Another thing that makes the X1 Pro electric skateboard stand out is the shock-absorbing grip tape.



I like this feature considering that most of the electric skateboards in the market can’t provide enough comfort when riding on rough terrains.


The tape, used as an optional add-on on the previous version of the board (the X1), now comes as standard.

Not only its water resistance properties can improve your ride, but it also absorbs any unwanted vibrations from the road for smoother rolling on all paved surfaces.

Lastly, what I like about the design, is that the battery is completely hidden within the deck.

Two (2) good points about this:

– At first sight, this electric skateboard looks like a standard board.

– You don’t need to worry about the battery being exposed to the elements.


this makes the deck a bit stiffer than usual.


The Wheels and Bearings

These wheels are another proof that the Pro model was built with speed and performance.


Front and Rear 85 mm 80A Exway X1 Pro wheels


Diameter and width

Another improvement made on the overall performance of this e-board is the bigger wheels (the X1 model – discontinued – featured an 80 mm diameter).

The X1 Pro comes with 85mm wheels, the optimal wheel size for stability when riding at higher speeds.

In terms of wheel width, you can expect 56 mm for both the front and rear. This is great, considering some manufacturers provide wider wheels only for the rear ones.

Contributing to reaching the top speed seamlessly is also the redesigned rubber structure of the hub wheel that provides better power transfer than other similar wheel models.



In other words, you can expect improved responsiveness and outstanding acceleration thanks to the enhanced wheel grip.


Contact patch and edges

As part of the enhanced grip, the Exway X1 Pro wheel’s patch was shaped to provide maximum contact surface.

Indeed you will feel the stability on tight turns but don’t get too complacent.

Based on our Electric Skateboard Wheels Guide, the edges will be considered “square,” but still, you can expect a slight round finish.


Hardness and Bearings

To ensure you have enough traction and durability, front and rear wheels have an 80A durometer rating.

On the other hand, we also like the water-resistant bearings and professional seismic truck that come as standard on the X1, improving performance in all weather conditions and when turning.


Dual Hub Motor Performance

Watts and top speed

Compared to the previous versions of the X1, it comes with powerful dual hub motors outputting a total of 1,200 watts (600 for each motor).


600W Dual hub motor



Considering its overall weight, this is more than enough power to reach the top speed (claimed as 40km/h (29 mph)) in less than 10 seconds.


Torque and climbing performance

The upgraded hub motors can now provide a torque of 4.6 Nm each, which is more than enough to carry a total weight of less than 120 kg.

Combining the watts and newton meters delivered by each motor, you will be able to climb hills up to 30% inclination.



The actual performance is influenced by your riding style, as well as your weight and type of road. That said, this skateboard can still satisfy even the most demanding users.


Braking performance

Like most modern e-boards, it comes with EBS regenerative brakes that deliver high performance.

When using the custom mode, it takes only 42 feet to get from 18mph to a full stop.

The distance is very short compared to other e-boards but doesn’t top the performance of the most expensive models.

Overall, we can say the X1 Pro is an electric longboard that can be used safely by riders of all levels.


About the Battery

If you’ve ever ridden an electric skateboard before, you probably know that the battery matters.

It gives you the energy to ride without effort, and the brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the Pro version, the brand doesn’t disappoint.


This e-board boasts a new Smart 259WH 50V-4A Max battery that provides up to 25 km (16 miles) range.


The range is not that bad compared to other competitors in the same line, such as the Raptor 2.1 Electric Skateboard.

Sure, the real range won’t be as much, but heavier riders carrying an average backpack will still get around 12-13 miles, which is still fantastic.

Once drained, it takes around three (3) hrs to charge it back to full, so you’ll have plenty of time to replenish the power while you’re on other tasks.


This Exway model comes with a standard charger; however, there is an alternative to reduce the charging time to 1 hr and 10 mins if buying the faster one.


The Control – R1

The Pro comes with the same remote we see in the X1 standard model.


Smart remote control


It’s intuitive and ergonomic, so you won’t suffer from fatigue even when holding it for a more extended period.


Main metrics and modes

Fully featured, it boasts a large display that shows all essential information, including current speed, gear, and power balance.

You can use the remote to switch from one riding mode to another seamlessly.

As you can expect, you’ll get an ECO mode and a Turbo mode, or you could choose to customize your riding according to a preferred top speed.

With each mode, you will have the following speeds:

– Mode 1: 15km/h.

– Mode 2: 25 km/h.

– Mode 3: 35 km/h.

– Mode 4: 40 km/h.



Expect the board not to deliver all its power over the first ride. This is a safety measurement for every skater until you feel confident controlling the X1 Pro. After that, you take all the power back.


Other alerts

As part of the improved technology, this e-board also provides real-time data when scanning the system for any possible problems.

This is an excellent feature to determine the leading cause of problems when the system malfunctions.



Always check the control for any warnings before going for a ride.


The app

The board also communicates with the Exway app via Bluetooth remote control.


X1 Pro eboard App


You can access the app at any moment to view metrics, including board data and braking curves, and customize each mode to suit your needs (battery and power).


Exway X1 Pro Riot Alternative

If you think the X1 Pro is already a powerful electric skateboard, let me tell you, it can be much better.

How? It can be proved by trying the Exway X1 Pro Riot.


Overview, pros, and cons

Exway launched their products with hub motors in mind, but now they are testing a new configuration with belt-driven powered motors.


Exway X1 Pro Riot dual belt motor


This is called – RIOT.

Riot is a new whole motor that will enable you to:

– Reach higher acceleration (5.2 Nm) and top speed (45 km/h).

– Better braking performance and,

– You can go all terrain by adding the Cloudwheels (120 mm diameter).


120 mm Cloudwheels for Exway X1 electric longboard Riot going all terrain


Unfortunately, the Exway X1 Pro Riot has some disadvantages:

– The more power and torque, the more battery consumption and less range, so better to upgrade the battery too.

– Heavier electric skateboard.

– Frequent maintenance is required to keep the belts in good condition.

– The Cloudwheels are only available for the Riot version.

– Some users say that the motor is noisier than expected.


Should you go for the Riot option?

Honestly, it is hard to say; nevertheless, consider the alternative if:

– You feel comfortable handling higher speeds.

– The topography in your area is mainly hilly (where more power and braking performance is ideal) and,

– You are okay with the extra price and have the money to expend.

If you buy the Riot pack, you only need to gently remove the tape at the motor end and undo the screws.


Exway X1 Pro Review Wrap Up

The X1 Pro is excellent for riders looking for the right value for money.

It offers stability on most urban roads and excellent balance when turning.

The road-smooth wheels enhance top speed and performance.

You can ride it in almost all situations, including on relatively steep inclines.

The carbon fiber deck is lightweight yet sturdy, withstanding years of dependable use.

As you can expect from the last generation of electric skateboards, the battery delivers an acceptable range, while the charging time is almost negligible.

Sure, you won’t get the most performing e-board out there, nor the fastest one, but you’ll still enjoy the multiple riding modes and dependable braking.

It is light enough to carry with ease whenever needed. Its reliability and “affordability” make the Exway X1 Pro electric skateboard an undeniably good choice for first riders and speed addicts.

Images courtesy of Exway


Exway X1 Pro


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels Quality


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Outstanding urban performance delivered by a powerful motor and smooth wheels.
  • ✅ The e-board is light enough to carry when the battery is gone.
  • ✅ Shock abortion grip tape for improved confort.

What we do not like

  • The deck might be a little bit rigid for some riders.
  • Braking performance could be better.


Hi! I'm Jono from eBoards Advisor. What can I say? I'm a 25 year old school skater that loves the sport. Now with a motor and a battery to power it, this industry has just gone to a next level of entertainment! That is why I'm here; to give you some advise and tips from my point of view and have some fun while trying it.

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