Evolve Carbon GTR Off Road (All Terrain) Electric Skateboard Review

How can the Evolve Carbon GTR Off Road Electric Skateboard (All Terrain) fulfill your adventures?

Avid skateboarders and commuters looking for the best electric off road longboard around should consider the Evolve Carbon GTR.

Summary of the Evolve Carbon GTR Specs

MOTOR- Read dual belt.
- 1300watt each.
- Claimed: 22 mph (35 km/h - GTR mode).
DECK- Shape: Concave.
- Composite: carbon fiber.
- Flex: neutral.
- Length: 101 cm (39 ").
- Width: 20.8 cm (8").
BATTERY- Samsung Li-Ion with BMS.
- 14Ah.
- 503w capacity.
- Range: 19 miles (eco mode).
- 11 miles on GRT mode.
- Travel battery available.
CLIMBING ABILITY- 30% inclination. Variable based on the wheels used.
WHEELSAll Terrain:
- 178 mm diameter.
- 50 mm width.
- 35 PSI.
- Rubber.
BRAKES- Regenerative braking.
- Acceptable braking performance but depends on the wheels used.
CARRYING WEIGHT- 222 lb (100 kg) max recommended.OVERALL WEIGHT- 23 lbs (10.7 kg), with the Samsung battery.
RIDING MODES- Four (4). See remote control section for details.CHARGING TIME- 4.5 hrs for the Samsung version.

This e-board really knows how to thrill the masses. It impresses with robust construction and unrivaled performance.

Within the GTR series, there are two (2) variants:

– The street model that pretty much has the same price as all-terrain models but rolls with standard longboard wheels (discussed further), and

– The 2-in-1 (hybrid) that gives you the freedom and versatility to fit standard or off-road wheels for seamless performance in all circumstances.

But is this e-longboard genuinely worth it?

Find it out in our Evolve Carbon GTR review below.


The GTR Carbon Deck 

As its name suggests, the Evolve Carbon GTR comes with a 100% carbon fiber deck. It is 101 cm long and 21 cm wide – enough for a tall rider.


Quality and components

At first glance, there isn’t much difference between the older GT board models, but this one is reinforced and stronger than ever.


An anti-skid honeycomb pattern enhances grip and boosts stability when you’re riding.


The sandpaper on the board improves grip and has shock-absorbing properties – similar to what the Exway X1 Pro Electric Skateboard offers – but with less sole friction.

Compared to other e-boards, the Evolve GTR also impresses with a slightly deeper battery compartment that makes more room for the electrical system, keeping the quality of the components.


The contemporary design

Design-wise, the deck successfully blends contemporary looks with old-school longboard lines. Undoubtedly, it can quickly become the envy of all your skateboarding buddies.

There is only one thing that I find a bit problematic. If you opt for any off-road wheel models, you will notice that they pop up on the deck.

So What?

If your feet are not well positioned, you could end up tangling them up, helping you land on the ground. Food for thought when riding on off-road terrains, especially rough ones.


7″ Off Road Electric Skateboard Wheels

As we already mentioned, the Evolve Carbon GTR series comes in three (3) variants: street, hybrid, and off road electric skateboard wheels.

Nevertheless, the main difference between them is the wheels.


The all-terrain skateboard (AT) variant comes with sturdier, 178mm (7″), off road skateboard wheels that enhance stability on unforgiving terrain.


  • These pneumatic wheels will provide high comfort while skating on compacted medium size gravel terrains; however, these are not puncture resistant, so be mindful.
  • The wheels’ pressure should be variable depending on the terrain. If going off-road, I suggest inflating at 30 psi – wider contact patch, more traction.


What about the Evolve GTR standard longboard wheels?

This Evolve GTR e-longboard can also feature sports agile 97mm smooth, polyurethane wheels designed for top speed and performance.


They’re made to deliver excellent adherence to the ground without hindering speed.


If you don’t like them, the board is also compatible with the entire Evolve GT wheel range from 85mm up to 107 mm.


Street and off-road performance

The street and off road wheels perform differently, with the former allowing you to reach speeds of up to 26 miles per hour (42 km/h).

For this reason, the two-in-one board that takes both street and off-road wheels appeal to those who want to commute faster throughout the week while also enjoying the gravel during the weekend.

AT Wheels Positives AT Wheels Negatives
  • Good torque (not as best as the smaller models).
  • Soft and comfortable ride on rough terrains.
  • Great when the ground is wet or muddy.
  • Not the best for sliding on asphalt if you are into that.
  • They are not puncture-resistant.
  • The braking distance is longer than the street alternative.


Dual Belt Motor

No matter what type of Evolve Carbon GTR you choose, they all come with dual 1,500-watt, high-performance brushless motors.


Dual belt GTR 1500w motors

Using the 3,000 watts of power combined, you can reach top speeds up to 22 mph (35 km/h) on the GTR All Terrain version.


– Depending on the wheels you choose, the torque of the motors will be affected. If you want more torque, choose smaller-diameter wheels.

– After each ride, do a quick check on the belts and condition of the motors. Remove any build-up particles after an off-road experience.

Lastly, these double brushless motors are capable of carrying around 100 kg (222 lbs) of weight (maximum recommended) and have a climbing ability of 30% inclination (if GTR mode is activated).


Standard and Travel Flex Batteries

The Evolve Carbon GTR works with two (2) kinds of batteries; you can choose from either standard or travel models.


Available Brands and Chemistry

The standard battery built up by Samsung provides more juice. We’re talking about ten (10) sets of four (4) packs per line, delivering an output of 14Ah 503 watts per hr.


It impresses with a range of up to 19 miles (30 km) if you opt for the all-terrain skateboard.


Alternatively, the travel-friendly option is a 4.2Ah Li-Ion battery made by Sony.


It is lighter, and it can be safely transported by plane.


While it doesn’t provide the same range as its Samsung peer, you’ll still get up to 7 miles (10 km) range for the all-terrain configuration.


Always check with the airline about any restrictions that may affect carrying a battery on a plane.

Sure, these values are measured in ideal conditions. Your weight, speed, and terrain will ultimately influence runtime.

Fortunately, both batteries feature fast-charge technology, meaning you can charge them in around 4 and 2 hours, respectively.


What else do these Evolve GTR batteries offer?

The Evolve GTR batteries also have a couple of cool things to offer.


Power Flex Feature

You must’ve seen most of the electric skateboards and e-longboard in the market feature different battery sizes and power. However, this is the first time I have seen a manufacturer thinking out of the box and creating a flexible structure.


What does this mean?

It means that the battery structure will move along as the deck deflects. Besides, as the GTR deck is made of carbon (very flexible), you don’t want that to be spoiled by a rigid battery.


Battery Management System (BMS)

The BMS is, somehow, a new technology that will assist with the battery’s operating performance but, most importantly, while not being used.


Standard batteries usually lose their storage properties when not in use too. A BMS will reduce this issue and help increase the battery lifespan.

Regardless of your battery brand, both alternatives will deliver good performance (based on your needs).


GTR Braking Performance (Variable)

The brakes are perhaps the most crucial part to check when buying an e-board.

It would be best if you were sure that you could stop quickly and safely whenever needed, which is why Evolve didn’t disappoint.

You’ll be able to stop your board almost instantly, even when riding on slopes. The ultra-smooth step-less braking control is truly powerful, and the brakes are also regenerative—a very nice choice for such an e-board.


Off-course, the braking performance will be affected by the wheels you decide to use.


Expect to cover more distance when using the AT ones (added overall weight to stop and less grip due to the carving). Despite this, the response is acceptable.


Evolve GTR (only) Remote Control

While the brand didn’t develop a revolutionary remote control design, the Evolve Carbon GTR still comes with a reliable and easy-to-use stylish remote.


Carbon GTR R2 Remote control


The main difference between it and the remotes used for the other Evolve boards is the Bluetooth technology – better response and connection ensuring a soft takeoff and braking.


Assistance modes

The R2 GTR remote control offers four (4) riding modes:

– Eco: low speed and smooth acceleration (recommended for beginners on this board).

– Pro: A bit more power to sort out traffic.

– GTR: Perfect when riding on hilly areas that require more power.

– Custom: You can adjust the power for a weaker response than the Eco mode or a more aggressive power than the GTR one.



To change the R2 settings, you must use the Evolve App and select the power curve feature.


Other cool features

The R2 has other things to offer.

– LCD display: bright enough to see the stats in poor light conditions.

– Real time skating details: check your speed, battery percentage (eboard and controller), distance traveled, riding mode, and board connectivity.

– Up to 12 hrs battery power if using the control in “power save – remote screen pointing down.”

Lastly, I also like the vibration feature that warns you when the battery level decreases close to empty. This way, you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge.


Review Wrap Up

The Carbon GTR, using either the all-terrain or street wheels, could be considered one of the best off road electric skateboards for commuting, leisure, or performance skating.

A large, longboard-style board provides a generous sitting area; the board reaches good speed and has an acceptable climbing ability.

You can pick from a standard or travel-friendly battery, depending on your needs.

The remote control is ergonomic and intuitive, while the Bluetooth connectivity enhances transmission between it and the board for seamless response.


This isn’t the cheapest electric longboard out there, nor the lightest.


If you want a high-quality toy and don’t mind dropping some cash, you can rest assured that the Evolve Carbon GTR electric longboard lives up to expectations.

Images courtesy of Evolve Skateboards

What are your thoughts about this GTR Evolve Carbon model?

Evolve Carbon GTR


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels Quality


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ High quality lightweight structure.
  • ✅ Compatible with different wheel class for more torque or softer rides.
  • ✅ Flexy battery structure and BMS technology.

What we do not like

  • A bit oversize if you need to carry it for a long time.
  • Not puncture resistant off-road wheels
  • Not the most affordable in the market.


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