Electric Skateboard Reviews

Finding a trusted electric skateboard review in 2020 may be difficult but that is what I’m here for. 

An electric skateboard is an excellent choice for getting to work, providing you with the power to skate through the urban environment without breaking too much sweat.

This can be a pretty hefty investment, so it is important to select the right one for your needs.

Meepo Mini 2 ER Best Cheap Electric Skateboard Review

Meepo Mini 2 ER Electric Skateboard Review

Why the Meepo Mini 2 Could be Not the Best Cheap Electric Skateboard for a Beginner? The Meepo Mini 2 is one of the smallest electric skateboards in the market so far. I got to be honest, I think that, longboard decks such as the Metroboard X, have more benefits than traditional small ones. Regardless of what I think, I'm ...
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Boosted Board Mini X Electric skateboard review EBsA

Boosted Board Mini X Electric Skateboard Review

The Boosted board Mini X could be a good alternative for electric skateboard enthusiasts looking for small ride. The Boosted Mini X is quite heavy for its compact dimension, but incredibly fast. It also has a solid range and does a brilliant job at climbing steep hills. Is it the right e-board for you? Read our review to find it ...
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Raptor 2.1 Electric Skateboard Review - EBsA

Raptor 2.1 Electric Skateboard Review

The Raptor 2.1 electric skateboard was built with state of the art technology to ensure your riding experience is the best. With so many different e-skateboards options on the market, it can be hard to tell which products are worth your time. Well, one option that you have likely seen before is the Raptor 2.1 model by Enertion. I will ...
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Atom B10 Electric Skateboard review

Atom B10 Electric Skateboard Review: Single Motor but Powerful

The Atom B10 electric skateboard is great for a rookie but how good could be with a single belt motor? If you are an e-Skate rookie, then you have likely heard about the small Atom B10 electric skateboard model. This single belt motor eboard has been making waves along consumers, but before you make a purchase, we want you be ...
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Acton Blink S2 electric skateboard review

Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboard Review

Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboard – Powerful Performance In A Minimalist Design The Acton Blink S2 is an old-school looking, mid-range electric skateboard that offers reliable performance and safe rides. Simple lines but unexpected features, such as the integrated LED lights, make it a modern transporter for the fitness-oriented commuter. Acton Blink S2: Technical Aspects Wondering if this could be ...
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