Electric Longboard Reviews

If you are sick of skating a deck that is too small for your feet, an electric longboard is what you need.

An electric longboard will get you anywhere, but the main difference is covering a longer travel distance with acceptable comfort along the ride.

Note: an “acceptable comfort” is having low vibration transmitted into your legs.

The following reviews are based on what the most trusted e-skaters believe offer the best user experience, quality, and fun.

Backfire Ranger X2 eSkateboard Review EBsA all terrain

Backfire Ranger X2 Review: Best Casual All-Terrain eSkateboard

Is the Backfire Range X2 a Good All-Terrain Electric Longboard?  The Backfire Ranger X2 is one of the best all-terrain options on the market today. Why? It features a solid base with enough power to make life easier for beginners and allow skaters to have fun. Before jumping into the review, this is a summary of the X2 specs: MOTOR, ...
Metroboard X All Terrain Electric Longboard Review

Metroboard X Review All Terrain Electric Longboard

The Metroboard X has been in the game for some time but is it worth investing in this all-terrain badass beauty? It lands in the electric longboard category with all-terrain features. Built and designed by Metroboard, it was first launched in 2004 with many expectations. They knew that most users were attracted by its look, but there were other reasons ...
Ownboard W2 electric skateboard Review

Ownboard W2 Electric Skateboard Review

Could be the Ownboard W2 the Best Budget Electric Skateboard for Now? Ownboard W2 is an electric longboard with a few things to offer, including not impacting your wallet. From their e-longboard line, this is the only one with a belt-driven motor incorporated. Maybe it is not the most good looking one, but considering the technology used for the motor ...
WowGo 3X Driven Belt Electric Skateboard Review

WowGo 3X Driven Belt Electric Longboard Review

Is the New WowGo 3X Electric Longboard a Better Driven-Belt Option in 2022? The new WowGo 3X is the third generation and latest built-in electric longboard line. Launched in September 2019, the 3X model has distinctive improvements compared to the standard WowGo 3 version and is more noticeable against the WowGo 2S series. Undoubtedly, the new technology implemented in this ...
Backfire G3 review electric longboard 2020

Backfire G3 Electric Longboard Review

Is the Backfire G3 Electric Longboard the Best Investment Under 1000? The Backfire G3 is the third generation of electric longboards created by the Chinese brand. Based on tech specs, this e-longboard would land under the high-performance level. In other words, the G3 would be a little dangerous to ride if you are not used to the board world. This ...