Boosted Board Mini X Electric Skateboard Review

The Boosted board Mini X could be a good alternative for electric skateboard enthusiasts looking for small ride.

The Boosted Mini X is quite heavy for its compact dimension, but incredibly fast. It also has a solid range and does a brilliant job at climbing steep hills. Is it the right e-board for you? Read our review to find it out if it’s worth your attention.

Boosted Board Mini X: Technical Aspects

MOTOR- Read dual belt.
- 500watt each.
- Claimed: 20 mph (32 km/h - at max power).
- Tested: 16 mph.
DECK- Concave shape.
- Composite - Poplar inside and fiberglass outside (very rigid).
- L: 74.9cm; W: 27.9 cm (29.5" x 11").
BATTERY- 36 volt Li-Ion.
- 13s2p 1865 Lithium-ion.
CLIMBING ABILITY- 20% inclination. Variable based on the overall weight.
WHEELS- 80 mm diameter.
- 55 mm width.
- 78A hardness.
- Centered core and square edges.
BRAKES- Regenerative braking.
- Strong braking system.
CARRYING WEIGHT- 242.5 lb (110 kg) max recommended.OVERALL WEIGHT- 16.8 lbs (7.7 kg).
- Considered heavy for its size.
RIDING MODES- Three (3). See remote control section for details.CHARGING TIME- 1.5 hrs (from flat).

Deck’s Board Design and Quality

The Boosted Mini X is a compact electric skateboard designed with urban mobility in mind. This doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for commuters.

At 16.8 pounds (7.7 kg), it is relatively heavy for its small size. This is something that I personally find ironic considering I would expect an easy to carry e-board, specially when walking through crowded areas if not skating allowed.

Despite being on the heavy side, it is still good for commuting. There is other interesting good features to check.

To begin with, it has a deep dish style deck made of composite and finished with an anti-skid layer designed to keep you locked in (safely) throughout the ride.

The composite is made of poplar wood, covered with fiber glass (good quality material).

Having a composite deck is not bad when riding on wet surfaces, however it also makes the deck very rigid. This make sense in order to protect the battery integrity but also translates into a bumpy ride transmitted to your feet.

80 mm Soft Wheels

Made to take you to the destination quickly and easily, the Boosted Mini X comes with 80mm polyurethane Lunar wheels. Needless to say, they provide smooth rolling on most terrains and, combined with the quick tail, they let you make sharp turns with incredible maneuverability.

In terms of the contact patch and the durability, having a 78A grade and 55 mm width, will deliver a long lasting wheel life and stability, something similar to what the Raptor 2.1 Electric Skateboard offers.

Lastly, a couple of things a like about the wheels:

  • front and rear wells are the same dimensions so traction will be delivered evenly.
  • despite of the rigid deck, the wheels provide the softness required to absorb most of the bumps and protect the motors.

Belt Hub Dual Motors

The heart of an eboard is undoubtedly the motor, and the Mini X comes with a strong one. We’re talking about two (2) belt motors with a power of 1,000 watts combined.

Powerful motor also means good top speeds – indeed, you can expect to go up to 20mph (32 km/h).

Sure, that’s in ideal conditions, but most of the times, you will get up to around 15-16mph (27 km/h). Still not bad speed but I know, it can do better.

Compared to other models around the same size and classification (such as the Atom B10 Electric Skateboard), I believe this e-board motor has good and reliable components.

I personally like having a dual setup with less power (in this case) than having a single hub or belt design with higher power. This is because having too much power on one (1) motor will increase the chances of 1) the motor getting cooked and 2) having to catch public transport because of that.

36V Li-Ion Battery

Extended 199Wh Battery for Boosted Mini X

The Boosted Mini X battery is a reliable 36V/200Wh cell that provides sufficient juice for up to 14 miles (22km) on a single charge.

As you can imagine, we’re talking about a lithium-ion battery that delivers all the performance you could expect from such a compact e-board.

Long battery life and fast charging are two of its other highlights.

There is a couple of downside on this extended range battery:

  • As many other electric board batteries, it is not approved to take on flights (and also heavy to carry).
  • The battery is way too close to the ground. This could be a problem if you have to go through a speed reducer so I would suggest you avoid them or slow down and see what happen.

Overall, I like the quality of the components of the battery and the performance it can deliver.

Braking Performance

Another thing we particularly like is the braking performance delivered by the electronic regenerative brakes. Not only they stop your board in just seconds but also put a bit of juice back into the battery while you’re stopping.

Compare to other models, I love the fact that the belt system is strong enough to ensure a great braking performance.

I guess the biggest factor here to think about is, if the belt snaps, you may be in trouble. Nevertheless, this is another reason for having a dual motor; the other one can do the job if needed.


  • Before starting any ride, always check you belts. These are the ones responsible of your safety.
  • After very ride, check again the condition of the belts. This will help you prevent any dirt accumulation and subsequent damage of the threats and motors.
  • Lastly, do not over tighten the screws after replacing the belts. I assure you it will affect the performance of the motors and the lifespan of the system.

Boosted Board Mini X Remote Control

Boosted board tipical remote controlWe also like the pistol-style remote control. Not only it’s ergonomic, but it’s also very intuitive to use, putting all the controls at your fingertips.

All you have to do is pull the trigger to engage the motor, then roll the controller wheel back and forth to speed up or slow down as needed.

But hold on!, this Boosted board remote control was designed to reduce potential accidents when accelerating. This technology is is called Jerk Filter™. I think the name makes it clear.

Other things to know about the remote control:

  • Three (3) main indicators: control battery, connectivity between the board and the remote and, the e-boards battery life.
  • Pairing the remote and board: click five (5) times the remote power button followed by the one in the board (also 5 times).
  • Changing riding modes: press the main button three (3) times to get to the next level of assistance. To go down the levels,, you will have to hold down the throttle trigger and press three (3) times the main button. Not complex but a bit bothersome.

The downside:

Most of its counterpart in the electric skateboard line have no issues with changing the riding mode as you go, however this is not the case for the Boosted Mini X model. Unfortunately, you will have to get to a full stop to go up and down levels. If you are not in a hurry, this should be not a problem.

Mini X vs Mini S

You may be wondering, what is the main difference between the Boosted Mini X and the Mini S models. At first glance, there is no much of a difference, aside from the color of the wheels. Nevertheless, this would be what to look at:

FeatureMini XMini S
Motor1000watts – 32 km/h1000watts – 22 km/h
BatteryExtended to 22 km range – 199WhStandard to 11 km range – 99Wh
Wheels80 mm (grey)80 mm (orange)

So, as you can see, both models differ in the overall top range and top speed. This, off-course, will be reflected in the final cost of the e-board.

Boosted Board Mini X Wrap Up

The Boosted Mini X is an excellent option for commuters and e-skateboarding enthusiasts. A compact size, quality deck, and reliable battery deliver all the versatility you’d expect from such a unit.

While it is rather heavy, the extra weight enhances balance and stability when going at full speed.

Three (3) speed modes make it perfect for riders of all levels, from beginners to experts. It also has an impressive range as well as impressive top speed, while the app connectivity adds further value for money, helping you monitor your rides and performance.

Perhaps it’s not as good on steep hills as other electric skateboards, and maybe it could come with a less rigid deck, but overall, the Boosted board Mini X brings good value for money.

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Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels Quality


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Incredibly fast and reliable considering its compact size.
  • ✅ Excellent battery quality. It provides energy for up to 14 miles on a single charge.
  • ✅ Double belt motor tha improves power and torque.
  • ✅ Good braking efficiency.

What we do not like

  • ⊖ Relatively heavy for its size.
  • ⊖ Deck was made too rigid. This is to protect much bending and battery damage.
  • ⊖ Replacing the motor, wheels and belt takes some skills. Still can be done.
  • ⊖ The belt can accumulate some dirt, which can damage eventuall the belt's teeth.


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