Backfire Ranger X2 Review: Best Casual All-Terrain eSkateboard

Is the Backfire Range X2 a Good All-Terrain Electric Longboard? 

The Backfire Ranger X2 is one of the best all-terrain options on the market today.

Why? It features a solid base with enough power to make life easier for beginners and allow skaters to have fun.

Before jumping into the review, this is a summary of the X2 specs:


  • Dual rear hub motors.
  • 27 mph (44 km/h) top speed.
  • Power of 1200w between the 2 motors.
  • Four (4) available modes.
  • ESC Hobbywing (MR30).
  • 30% inclination.

  • 15 to 18 miles (20-30 km).
  • 50v.
  • Five (5) hrs from empty.

  • 165mm diameter, 70A hardness, rubber-made (non-pneumatic).
  • ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Double bushing Kingpin Trucks.

  • Canadian Maple Wood.
  • L: 40″ (102 cm) x W: 9.5″ (24 cm).
  • 248 lb (112 kg) is the recommended maximum weight limit.

  • 10 kg (24 lbs).

  • All tools required to service the board. In addition, it includes a front light.

In the following review, we will look more deeply at some of the features and determine whether the board is the ideal option for your needs.


About the X2 Deck 

The deck and construction of any skateboard are vital points to ensure that you have something durable and practical.


Thoughtful design

For the X2, one of the main things that should draw your attention is the deck’s design.

Ranger X2 Backfire flexi deck

It features a unique construction, with slight curves around the edges that make the skateboard more ergonomic and comfortable.


One of the essential things to note is the area where your feet go. They are wider, so there is no risk of you falling off the deck.

Despite this shape, there is still a slight chance your feet touch the wheels, so be careful.

I love the positive concave curve and the double drops on each end.


The double drop gives the deck the necessary stiffness while cruising but, at the same time, enough strength when riding on harsh bumps.


Strength and flexibility

It might be one of the heavier boards on the market today with a weight of 23.8 pounds, however it is vital to have durability and strength to ensure you can take on different terrains.

As mentioned, you should be able to use it on multiple terrains. The maximum weight capacity stands at 248 lbs, according to the manufacturer.

It makes sense not to exceed this maximum loading weight since the construction material used is flexible, which means the battery and ESC could grasp the ground.

Taking the deck’s flexibility, it will not only mitigate shock from off-road terrains but also improve the overall riding experience.


You can consider the flexible deck much as you would a suspension that will focus on creating a smooth ride.


Wheels And Trucks

Compared to the X1 version, these two (2) components haven’t changed much, aside from the trucks offering more versatility and a bigger steel shaft.


Backfire Ranger X2 trucks

The unit features a solid double kingpin bushing system in each truck. This system offers higher flexibility and stability compared to other electric longboards in the market.


Double bushing kingpin trucks from Backfire


But why have a double system? The main reason is to give that extra support on rough terrains and a better turning radius.

If you look at other high-end all-terrain e-boards, they will have the same configuration.


The off-terrain wheels

In terms of the wheels, there hasn’t been much change between models.


As with the X1, the 6.5-inch wheels have been fitted to the skateboard.


What is important to see here is the material used and what it can offer.

For instance, compared to the Evolve Carbon GTR Off-Road, these wheels do not require a pneumatic. In this case, the Backfire Ranger X2 has a rubber material called honeycomb, which is stiffer and more robust.

Regardless of what this new material can offer (such as better heating control and resistance while riding on sharp edges), I think pneumatics give smoothness on bumpy terrains, which is better for rougher conditions.


Backfire Ranger X2 hubs motors

Since an electric motor powers the Backfire Ranger X2, it is worth looking at some of its specs.

As you will see, it has tons of power that should make your life much easier.


Torque and speed

The skateboard features a combined output of around 2400 watts, giving it a ton of power. In normal conditions, this produces around 250Nm of thrust at 35km/h.

The optimal speed is just under 20 mph. However, the manufacturer indicates that it can reach 22 mph, which should give you a decently fun time.


Speed is variable since many factors can affect the end result. 


But this is not all. The rear hub motors get you up to 44 km/h max speed. Unfortunately, this is only for 30 secs (turbo mode, which is explained further below).


Braking and climbing performance

The combination of the wheels and the motor gives the unit sufficient stopping power.

Why acceptable?

The power of the motor is good enough to get you at a complete stop between 5 and 8 meters, but it will be variable depending on the:

– The overall weight when stopping and,

– How aggressively you want to stop.

Remember that this e-board is 10kg heavy and is not so lightweight.


If this is the first time riding the Ranger X2, I recommend testing the brakes slowly. This way, you will adjust and feel its stopping performance.


Another exciting feature is regenerative braking, which means the board will recover energy and extend the battery life while braking.


This is very useful if you are going downhill.


I can tell that the regenerative system is quite responsive to take advantage of that energy.

When looking at how effectively the skateboard can climb, we have found that you should not have any issues when taking on steep hills of up to 30%.


X2 Battery by Sanyo

This Backfire model has been fitted and powered with Sanyo technology, so you can rest assured of reliability on every ride.


Backfire Ranger X2 battery range

When using the motor’s full power, you should get around 18 miles of range from the battery.

If I compare the distance between home and work, I think the range is not bad. I could quickly go and get back in one charge.

At the same time, the Backfire Ranger X2 range is more than enough to have some casual fun.

Please note that many factors can alter these stats, and you may need to consider a charging point (e.g., climbing hills can reduce its range).


Battery chemistry and charging times

The Sanyo battery features a 12S, 50 V battery, which is significant compared to other similar e-boards.

One of the improvements done to it is the lower temperature registered while delivering the maximum power. This means it will have less wear and tear.


It should inevitably allow the battery to last much longer.


Lastly, the average charge time is around 5 hours if completely drained.


Operating The Ranger X2

The Ranger X2 by Backfire is one of the best in the niche due to the controlling system so far.

These guys have dedicated time to improving the remote R2 from the X1 model to the R2x.


The R2X remote

The R2x is an upgrade to some of its predecessors and will allow you to control all the basic features.


Ranger X2 remote R2x


You may wonder what has changed from the old model. Not much really, since all the features stayed the same; however, the ESC of the X2 Ranger is different, so the remote had to be updated.


The above means that this remote will not work with the Ranger X1 or vice versa.


If you haven’t seen it before, it will give you the usual stats: speed (mph – km/h), odometer, remote and board’s battery charge %, speed mode, and connectivity with the board’s ESC.

What I like about it is the simplicity of reading the settings you are traveling on. Unfortunately, the OLED screen is not as big as the one offered by the Meepo V3 electric skateboard, so be mindful when riding.

You should know the wheelset to complete all the awesome things described above.

As mentioned before, this electric longboard has 165 mm wheels, but you can also get to 96 mm.

Going to 96 mm or lower is not advisable because the battery and ESC clearance to ground level is minimal.


Speed modes

Like any remote-controlled unit, you have different speed modes that could help you determine how fast you are skating.

Nothing has changed from the other models. You still have the following:

– Eco (E): 20 km/h (12 mph).

– Sport (S): 35 km/h (22 mph)

– Turbo (T): 44 km/h (27 mph).

As mentioned before, the turbo mode only gives you boots for 30 seconds. After that period, you will drop to the Sport mode again.


Since this mode puts the hub motors under additional stress, this means an increase in temperature. The remote control will indicate the cooling down period by blinking over ~30 seconds. After this, you will be able to use the turbo again.

Lastly, despite this not being indicated “as a mode,” the Backfire Ranger X2 counts with a cruise control system.

To activate it, you must reach your desired speed, press the power button, and release the accelerator. To cancel it, press the brakes.


Portability And Weight Limit

As mentioned, the X2 is only 24 pounds in total weight, which could not be the most friendly in terms of portability.

Adding to the above, it doesn’t count with a handle or a strap in the deck, similar to what the Ownboard W2 or the Metroboard X offer.

As for the Backfire Ranger X2 weight limit, it can carry approx. 112 kg with no issues. You may go over this number but be careful.


Is It Worth Buying It?

The X2 Ranger is one of the most effective boards for off-terrain riding.

Good range, decent speed, good size wheels. What you need to have a fun ride.

The only three (3) factors that I consider could be a deal breaker are the price, its weight, and wheel carving.

To classify an e-board as all-terrain, it may need to include some suspension (like Bajaboards) and better ground clearance from any elements attached under the deck.

I honestly think the Backfire Ranger X2 “all-terrain” electric longboard could be a superb acquisition if you clearly know what you want out of it.

Images courtesy of Backfire


Backfire Ranger X2 e-Longboard


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels (softenss & grip)


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Great range and top speed
  • ✅ More impact resistant
  • ✅ Deck has a good size for big feet riders
  • ✅ Includes front light for night skating

What we do not like

  • Not affordable, but not the most expensive
  • Heavy considering the size of the battery and ESC
  • No carry handle available


Hi! I'm Jono from eBoards Advisor. What can I say? I'm a 25 year old school skater that loves the sport. Now with a motor and a battery to power it, this industry has just gone to a next level of entertainment! That is why I'm here; to give you some advise and tips from my point of view and have some fun while trying it.