Backfire G3 Electric Longboard Review

Is the Backfire G3 Electric Longboard the Best Investment Under 1000?

The Backfire G3 is the third generation of electric longboards created by the Chinese brand.


Backfire third generation Silver electric longboard top view


Based on tech specs, this e-longboard would land under the high-performance level. In other words, the G3 would be a little dangerous to ride if you are not used to the board world.


This doesn’t mean you are not allowed to buy; it is up to you.


We know the price is not as high as top electric skateboard models such as the WowGo 2S Electric Longboard Review but is it good enough to spend the money? You will see thru this review.

Summary of the Backfire G3 Specs

MOTOR- Read dual hub.
- 450 watts each motor.
- 28.5 mph (46 kph).
DECK- Flexible Bamboo protected with glass fiber.
- L: 99cm; W: 24cm.
- 24pcs.
- Up to 15 miles (24 km). See detail in the battery section.
CLIMBING ABILITY- 30% inclination.
WHEELS- 96 mm diameter.
- 55mm width.
- 78A composition.
- Bearings: ABEC 11.
BRAKES- Regenerative braking.
CARRYING WEIGHT- 117 kg (252 lb).OVERALL WEIGHT- With dual motor: 17 lb (8 kg).
- Three (3).
- See details in the control section.
CHARGING TIME- 2.5 hrs (from flat).

About the Deck and Its Design

This third Backfire electric longboard generation deck was designed to provide enough strength without compromising flexibility.


Deck Composition and Flexibility

Compared to the Backfire G2T, the G3 was built with seven (7) bamboo layers and reinforced with one (1) fiberglass (bottom) layer. The combination of these two materials gives this e-longboard a more flexible deck.


I’m particularly not a fan of super flexy decks, especially in longboards. If I want speed, I would feel safer with a deck that provides a stiff ride for better control.


Regardless of my perspective, the board will provide a safe enough ride. Surely, you will be happy with this on rough roads.


Consider the total weight this e-board can carry. It will hold approx to 100 kg (250 lbs) without compromising the deck to touch the ground.


The Design

Like the other electric skateboards manufactured by Backfire, this one has the usual longboard design.

One thing that was taken into account is the additional length (99 cm) and width (24 cm) of the deck. This is good in terms of control and stability when skating at high speeds (discussed later).

In addition to the above, the concave shape plays a vital role in overall flexibility. It gives some strength while keeping your feet inside the board.

Lastly, I like how much space was left at each end of this e-board, so when turning, there is no potential of touching the wheels.


Of course, you should be careful where to place your feet. The Backfire G3 electric skateboard has more significant dimensions than the previous model.


About the Front and Rear Wheels

The Backfire G3 is fitted with standard 96mm diameter and 55 mm width wheels for both the front and rear.


Backfire 96 mm diameter wheels


As expected, these wheels will provide a more controlled ride, even when drifting if you feel like it.

The metal ring is another crucial thing included for the rear wheels. This will provide extra protection to the hub motors and help reduce the heat transmitted while riding at high speed for an extended time.


Durometer, core, contact patch, and bearings

Compared to other e-longboard brands, the durometer is 78A for the whole set, which is not bad for a board that hits high speeds.

Now, the core in the front wheels is located in the middle, giving good support to the ABEC11 bearings.


In terms of the contact patch, you will find a flat design.


What’s important here is the shape of the wheel edges.  You will see the 45-degree angle, which is primary when taking corners at high speed.


The Dual Hub Motors

The hub motors have been drastically improved compared to the G2T model.


Speed and torque

You should expect 450watts of power per motor. This is more than enough to give you good torque. Nevertheless, the torque will slightly increase as the wheels start to wear out.

Unfortunately, this is not the same case when referring to climbing ability. Ironically, the motors get you uphill at 30% inclines.

As per usual, this number will vary depending on different factors.

Lastly, the manufacturer specifies a 46 km/hr top speed. This is in an ideal world. You will likely reach 40 km/h using the highest riding mode (explain further down the review).


Braking performance

The braking performance is not that bad. With the increase in power, you should expect to get to zero (from top speed) in about five (5) meters distance.

Consider when going downhill and the total weight. This is very important, so add some extra meters to stop entirely.


Backfire G3 Battery

The battery is another critical piece of the puzzle for this electric longboard.

Initially, it was fitted with Samsung technology, but it was later changed to Sunpower. Despite this, the power delivered is the same.


Range and chemistry of the battery

To provide a reasonable range and the claimed distance of 30km (18 miles), this power pack comes with 2 sets of 12 batteries aligned parallel for a total of 24 cells.


This Li-Ion power array is one of the reasons why the G3 hits high speed (on optimal conditions).


Aside from the above, the 260watts/hr capacity is more than enough to sustain a constant speed, even when the battery almost dies (don’t wait for this to happen, tough).


Backfire G3 battery additions

To keep you safe and give you some peace of mind, Backfire decided to add a couple of cool features:

– USB port to charge your remote control or mobile phone and,

– LED lights on each side of the battery cover.

The LED lights are not meant to light up your path but to warn pedestrians about your presence at night.

Lastly, regarding the LED lights, Backfire added a couple of setting to play with:

– Constant light, meaning you are traveling at a steady speed.

– Flashing means that you are skating at high speed, which activates in Turbo mode ONLY.

I don’t find this a deal breaker, but I like that the flashing mode catches people’s attention more easily.


G3 Remote Control – R3 Series

This Backfire electric longboard model comes with an improved wireless remote – R3 – that only works for this series.


Compared to the R2 dedicated to the G2T series, the OLED is basically the same.


Skating modes

Three (3) skating modes will be provided:

– Eco (E): 20 km/h.

– Sport (S): 38km/h.

– Turbo: 46 km/h.

The manufacturer indicates the numbers above, but as always, this is in a perfect world.


As a general rule, take out 10% of the indicated numbers.


The metrics and settings

As you will see, the R3 is not the most complex control but not the most basic too.

You can expect to see the odometer, current speed (miles/hr or km/h), active mode, and battery for both the board and remote.

Even with the OLED inclusion, I feel the display is a bit small to read the metrics properly.


I suggest looking at the road rather than the control when skating. You will intuitively learn about the remote control as you go.



There is an important setting you MUST make sure is the right one – the wheel size.

As mentioned, the G3 e-longboard is fitted with standard 96 mm wheels. Nevertheless, you can fit 85 mm wheels too.

It is crucial that you ensure the correct wheel diameter is selected. Based on that selection, the electronic system will deliver the correct power output, which affects the torque and speed.


Backfire G2T vs G3 vs G3 Plus

This review was only focused on the Backfire G3 series, however, there are minimum variances between this model and the G3 Plus.

So, which one to go for?

The table below shows the main differences between the G2T, the G3, and the G3 Plus so you can compare:

G2T (read review)
G3 G3 Plus
*Motor / Speed 350w each – 38 km/h 450w each – 46 km/h 600w each – 46 km/h
*Battery Range 25 km 30 km 40 km
Wheels 85, 96 mm 85, 96 mm 85, 96 mm
Carrying Weight 117 kg 117 kg 120 kg
Riding Modes 3 3 3
*Deck Specs Maple Wood Bamboo plus fiberglass Carbon Fiber
Slope degree 30 % 30 % 30 %
*Overall Weight 6.5 kg 8 kg 7.3 kg
*Charging time 2.5 hrs 2.5 hrs 3.5 hrs (bigger battery)

As you can see, the main differences (*) are not too dramatic. Still, this information can give you a better idea of what to look for when deciding between the G2T, G3, or G3 Plus models.

If you are into racing, I would suggest going for the G3 Plus, which has been designed for this purpose.


Backfire G3 Review Wrap Up

This high-performance, affordable electric longboard is the latest creation from Backfire.

The design is purely dedicated to a longboard. It is very clean in every aspect, from the deck to the trucks and covers.

From the previous model, the G3 series has shown a few improvements, mainly in electronics.

Despite the upgrades, I think they are not drastic, so if you are just about skating with no rush, I would suggest the G2T series.


if you are into racing, the G3 plus (more torque, speed, and range) is the right one.

Regardless of your decision on what model to get, in the end, I’m confident the Backfire G3 electric longboard is worth the investment.

Images courtesy of Backfire

What are your thoughts about the G3?

Backfire G3


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels (softness & grip)


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Affordable electric longboar.
  • ✅ Good speed and acceleration.
  • ✅ Great stability and comfort.

What we do not like

  • Deck flexes too much, incresing the risk of scratching or damaging the battery cover.


Hi! I'm Jono from eBoards Advisor. What can I say? I'm a 25 year old school skater that loves the sport. Now with a motor and a battery to power it, this industry has just gone to a next level of entertainment! That is why I'm here; to give you some advise and tips from my point of view and have some fun while trying it.

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