Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboard Review

Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboard – Powerful Performance In A Minimalist Design

The Acton Blink S2 is an old-school-looking, mid-range electric skateboard that offers reliable performance and safe rides.

Simple lines but unexpected features, such as the integrated LED lights, make it a modern transporter for the fitness-oriented commuter.

Acton Blink S2: Technical Aspects

MOTORReal dual.DECK- Wood, bamboo and aluminum.
- L: 80cm; W: 21.6cm.
BATTERY RANGE- Up to fourteen (14) miles. (22.5 mk) or 3 hrs operation.
- 36V, 4.4Ah lithium-ion.
- Samsung battery.
MAX SPEED18 mph (28 kph).
WHEELS83 mm hard material.BRAKESRegenerative.
POWER1000 watts.OVERALL WEIGHT14.9 lb (6.8 kg).

Are you wondering if this could be the right electric skateboard for you? Let me guide you through my review.

Bamboo Deck Material and Flawless Design

If you’re an old-school guy who’d never considered a skateboard made from anything other than wood (like me back in the day), then the Acton Blink  S2 could be the right one for you.


This bad boy is made from Canadian maple wood, bamboo, and aircraft-grade aluminum, all blended in a flawless design.


Blink S2 lateral led lights

Flawless doesn’t mean outstanding, though. This e-skateboard is nice but not exactly the most good-looking one.

The manufacturer equipped it with attractive LED lights to boost the aesthetic factor.

This is something I really find appealing, not because you could look like a rolling Christmas tree, but just because it will light up your path and make you more visible at night.


Anyway, you can turn some of them off at those moments when you don’t want to attract too much attention.


This is undoubtedly the type of electric skateboard I can either love or hate based on its design.

However, there is little to argue about the usefulness of the head, rear, and lateral lights.


Suitable for most riders, it has an 80cm long and 21.6cm wide deck.


It’s comfortable to ride, a feature that makes it a favorite one, even though it’s not the fastest electric skateboard out there.

A bit on the heavy side, it weighs 6.8kg; this heft gives it stability on the road and delivers smooth rides in most circumstances.


83 mm Hard Wheels

The Acton Blink board comes with proprietary 83mm hard wheels strong enough to withstand the board and your body weight even on the bumpiest roads.


83 mm acton wheels


Indeed, they have a surprising impact strength, making the skateboard suitable to ride on all roads. It’s not built for the off-road, though.

The rear wheels carry the dual hub motor. You can still ride without activating it, but it takes true willpower to roll it without electric aid.


Acton Blink S2 Dual Hub Motor

At first glance, the Acton S2 has a traditional dual hub motor. Nothing too exceptional, I think, but the brand knew how to surprise with a capable motor that takes versatility to the next level.


S2 dual motor


It outputs 1,000 watts and is covered by a magnetic shell that enhances control at all speed levels.

The 18mph (28 km/h) might not seem as much, but it is fundamental for most beginner riders.

Furthermore, unlike most competitors, the Acton electric skateboard doesn’t lose speed as its stamina drops.



– The Blink S2 motor has a hill-climbing ability of 20%

– This e-skateboard is capable of carrying a max load of 250 lbs.


Thanks to ingenious throttle control capacity, you can control the battery output and the motor shell, accelerating to top speed even when the cells start to drain.

Another nice thing I found interesting is the reverse motion capability that allows you to move in both directions.

The core of the motor shell can absorb friction shocks and re-balance the board quickly without any swaying when navigating bumpier roads (even in reverse mode, delivering the same smooth flow as it would when moving forward).


36V Samsung Battery

The Acton Blink S2 electric skateboard is powered by a capable 36V, 4.4Ah lithium-ion battery manufactured by Samsung.


Extending beneath the board in a sturdy aluminum section, it provides a range of up to 14 miles (22 km) or about 90 minutes of run time.


Fast charging will get it from drain to full in about one and a half hours, but you shouldn’t drain it out entirely if you want to enjoy a long battery life.

The battery connects with the two (2) front-side hub motor wheels and comes with a standard wall outlet charger.


Braking Performance

Acton Blink S2 is relatively easy to stop, even when rolling at full speed, thanks to the regenerative braking that allows the energy generated to travel back into the battery.


Its efficiency tends to drop a little when the battery is low, but there is nothing to be concerned about.


Depending on your experience level, you can also choose the beginner riding mode for a more controlled ride and quicker braking in case of danger.


One thing I want you to remember. I mentioned that this e-skateboard could move in both directions, which is fantastic; however, remember that your stability and maneuverability may be affected when braking in the “reverse” mode.


Innovative Remote Control

This electric skateboard has an intuitive remote control that’s very easy to use.


rear lights


You can select the riding mode, control acceleration and braking, and even turn the wheels to change direction.

A dedicated button lets you control the front and rear lights on the skateboard, as well as the inclination angle up to 20%.

Besides the remote, the Acton Blink S2 also connects with its complimentary app. It lets you keep an eye on your metrics and overall performance, including speed, mode, battery details, and other essential information.

One thing I genuinely like about the app is that it shows a list of weekly challenges; it also displays the distance traveled and the number of trips made.

The more competitive skaters will also love the ranking page that shows your position compared to the other riders concerning distance, speed, and other performance metrics.


Acton Blink S2 Review Final Verdict

Suitable for experts and e-skate beginners, this electric skateboard promises quite a lot and lives up to expectations.

It doesn’t promise outstanding top speed, but you can easily reach the claimed speed of 18mph.

If you want more speed, I recommend checking the Maxfind Max 2 Electric Skateboard.

It does well on inclines (20%) and maintains its balance on most roads.

There is nothing glitzy or luxurious in its appearance, but the simple lines improve its aerodynamics and performance.

Sure, it might not satisfy the pros looking for a board to help them beat their personal bests. Some flaws, such as the weight, could be easily fixed.

All in all, though, I think the Acton Blink S2 is a dependable electric skateboard and capable transporter to use when navigating on those busy city streets.

Images courtesy of Acton Global.

What do you think about the Blink S2?

Acton Blink S2


Deck Quality


Torque & Speed




Wheels (softenss & grip)


Battery (range & charging time)


Motor Quality


Brake Performance




What we like

  • ✅ Three (3) operation modes for beginner, intermediate, and professional skaters.
  • ✅ Top traction on flat as well as inclined terrains.
  • ✅ The simple yet comfortable board delivers maximum balance when rolling at top speed.
  • ✅ Reverse motion capability.

What we do not like

  • Too many lights for an e-board. This means, the battery will be drained faster.
  • Expensive compared to other mid-range e-boards.
  • Not the fastest on the market.


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