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History Behind Electric Boards Advisor (EBsA)

About us - EBsAHey guys, I’m Jono from E-boards advisor.

If I remember well, my brother and I started skating about 25 years ago because we wanted to have fun, do some workouts and get girls’ attention (well, this last one never happened).

The coolest part was tuning up the wheels and adjusting the tracks to do some tricks while getting back home as fast as possible.


Off-course after a long skating session, we just wanted to get back home and rest up, but the wind and low energy were a pain.


I can’t do more of that stuff anymore, I’m getting old, and I can’t afford to break another bone or lose a thong nail again!


The change to motorized boards

With all the new trends and technology taking over our lives, I thought it would be cool to get back to the old days, but in this case, using a little bit of assistance when wanting to roll.


The electric version of skateboards, I would say, was what I wanted to check and try. I’ll be honest; the speed was my thing, not much the tricks.


So, to get long rides, no sweat, get back home on time for dinner or the gym, and, the most crucial part, have a lot of fun while getting the adrenaline up and running, I bought my first electric skateboard (the Maxfind Max 2).

Lastly, my other goal is to share my experience with other people and friends who are still nervous about sweet rides on both an electric skateboard and an e-Longboard (that will definitely go faster on any surface (depending on the electric board you buy)).


This website was created to share my passion with other people and as a friendly space where the public can gather information and suggest recommendations to other e-Skaters.


What else would I be doing with EBsA?

At Electric Boards Advisor, my other goals are:

– To share my knowledge and experience with you, this means finding the best and top e-skateboard & e-longboards available in the market.

– To write some thoughts about them.

– Doing a review so that you see the benefits and limitations of a specific e-board, and lastly,

– Sharing some guides to get you on track and to help you find the answers you need.


WE ARE NOT another website that focuses on just product descriptions.


Yes, we have to discuss the e-board specs. 


we discuss what those specs mean.

We are committed to being one of the best electric skateboard review sites in 2022.



We all started from one point. If you are a rookie and don’t know anything about the industry, then the best start is by reading our 2022 e-Skateboard Guides.

Lastly, we would really love it if you share some of our reviews and general guides in your social feeds if that is something easy for you to do!!



If there is an e-board that has not been considered yet on my site, or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me for details.